Which are the breeds of dogs?

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Which are the breeds of dogs?

One of the most difficult questions to answer is how many dog breeds exist in the world today. Even more difficult is to determine which of these hundreds of dog breeds is best to own. In reality, there are thousands of variations recognized by many different kennel clubs around the world. Determining the best dog breeds in the world might seem like a pretty subjective decision, but here is a list of some of the most popular dog breeds around the globe today. The list incorporates dogs of all sizes, but are ranked based on their overall popularity, appearance, grooming, maintenance, temperament, family friendliness, and companionship level.

1. Labrador

Based on the latest dog registration database, the Labrador has ranked first over the last 10 years as the most popular dog breed owned worldwide. Why is that? The Labrador is a wonderful choice for families and individual owners alike. This breed comes in a variety of different colors with different options as far as appearance is concerned. 

The Labrador is athletic, playful, and loyal and creates one of the best friendships between owner and canine. One of the greatest advantages of owning a Labrador is its ability to thrive in almost any environment. On account of high rankings in almost every category, the Labrador has been chosen to top the list.

2. Bulldog

The Bulldog has always been a high ranking breed in terms of popularity, but the Bulldog has been selected for second place in this list. This breed is considered a medium-sized dog with an adorable appearance and gentle temperament. They are considered as the best dog for families according to Cesar Millan from the “Dog Whisperer”  due to their exceptional ability to bond with children. 

While they may not be the most athletic, they love to play and go on walks. The intelligence level of this breed is impressive and they score high when it comes to getting trained. No wonder this breed continues to be one of the best canine companions around the world.

3. Golden Retriever

This breed ranks high in appearance, temperament and friendliness. Golden Retrievers have long been held as one of the most popular breeds to own worldwide. They are very similar to Labradors in that they are very versatile and love human companionship. They do shed a bit more hair due to their longer coats, but grooming requirements are minimal. Golden Retrievers are healthy and very easy to train on account of their excellent intelligence. 

They are considered a working breed and can be useful as rescue, hunting or assistance dogs. Due to their longing to be active, Golden Retrievers would prefer to live in a larger home with lots of play room but can suit well to smaller spaces. Just make sure to take them on regular walks.

4. Beagle

For those with smaller living spaces or preference to smaller breeds, the Beagle is a top dog choice. While they score low on grooming and maintenance, they score high on energy and friendliness. Great for singles and families, this breed is very intelligent and interactive. Beagles are great with children and do not require a large amount of activity to stay happy. 

This dog breed also comes in a diverse variety of colors and patterns, in other words, no 2 Beagles look the same. The Beagles are considered part of the hound dog group and they are great companions for hunters. All in all, this breed will suit any family worldwide.

5. Poodle

If you are want to make a style statement with a dog breed, then try the Poodle. Historically known for its prestige and good looks, the Poodle will be a wonderful addition to any household. Keep in mind, though, only the standard Poodle is good for families and children. Miniature poodles can be a little high strung and the wrong temperament for young children. However, if you opt for the standard Poodle you will get an extremely smart and trainable breed. 

Standard Poodles are very gentle and good natured and are wonderful lap dogs. Not to mention the breed comes in a variety of colors and you can groom them to look very different from one to another. Even though they require more grooming, this breed has ranked among the top 10 consistently as one of the most popular dog breeds to own in the world.

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