What Breeds of Dogs Have Curly Tails?

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What Breeds of Dogs Have Curly Tails?

One of the most prominent features of a dog is its tail. The happy wriggling tail that denotes when a dog is joyful to see its owner or is awaiting a delicious treat makes for a beautiful sight. 

Though this particular feature differs in all dogs and one among the many is the curled tail that you would have definitely noticed on a pug.  

Dogs With Curly Tails 

There is a very famous saying that goes ‘A dog's tail can never be straightened.' The saying automatically brings into mind the adorable curled tail that is seen on a pooch. There is a variety of dog breeds with different kinds of tails, but the one that completely goes around itself and sits pretty on the rump of a dog is the curled style. These tail were developed long back when the dogs were used for hunting and herding. This tail is really useful for all breeds of dogs in many ways and helps them to keep balance.

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A Funky Spine 

Seeing our dog jump with joy and wag its tail makes for a great sight. We may not know what is on the inside but a tail is the most delicate part of a dog’s body and is made up completely of bone and cartilage. It is an extension of the dog’s spine and hence quite a sensitive thing. This extension when takes the shape of a curled tail is referred to as hemivertebrae. This particular anomaly is basically a congenital condition, and this is how the vertebra develops. In this condition the bones especially the end of the spine will form a sort of twisting wedge like the shape and cause the tail of the animal to curl.

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Mood Indicator 

Be it a curly tail or a straight one and be it a large dog or a small dog, it's tail tells a lot about how the dog is feeling. It indicates the mood of the dog and shows exactly what emotions the dog is feeling at that moment. When the dog is happy and recognizes you, it will move its tail right to the left but if it is unsure about you, then it will be wary and move its tail left to right.

There is also a certain tail wag that shows a dog is not friendly and you should leave it alone, which is the tail flick that is done slowly and held low.

Dog breeds With Curled Tail 

#1. Pug

This adorable little mutt has an equally adorable little tail that makes him stand out among other breeds. A pugs tail is unique and is almost corkscrew tight. These happy go lucky dogs are a real charmer.

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#2. The Keeshond

This adorable big ball of fluff has a very sweet disposition, and its tail adds to its cuteness. The tail is as fluffy as the rest of its body and is completely curled.

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#3. The Eurasier

This gorgeous looking pooch is again very fluffily with long soft hair and deep soulful eyes. It has German origins, and it belongs to the Spitz group. Its upturned tail makes it look adorable.

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#4. Akita

This regal looking Japanese breed is another among those with a curled tail. This one was particularly bred to be a fighting dog and also as a hunting companion. They need to be socialized young and are extremely faithful to the family.

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#5. Chow-Chow

This adorable looking breed can be quite dominant and has an impressive curled tail.

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Also, did you know that not all dogs are fit for security purpose? Tell us about your favorite breed using the comment box below. 

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