Can Dogs have Cranberries?

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Can Dogs have Cranberries?

If you own a dog, it is your responsibility to keep a check on its health. Rather than feeding your pet whatever you think is fine, keep a list of things that are bad for it and avoid feeding those.

Today, we are here to discuss if it is healthy for your dog to gorge on cranberries or not. A popular snack for us, cranberries and dried cranberries are something that we cannot get enough of, especially during the Thanksgiving time. We often do not hesitate from feeding a handful to our canine as well. But in doing so, are we causing it harm? Let us find out.

Can Dogs Eat Cranberries?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Though cranberries are not toxic, you need to make sure that you do not feed too much of it to your furry friend. Consumption of too many cranberries in one go can lead to upset stomach. Also, more times than not, dried cranberries come mixed with other dried fruits, such as raisins, which are toxic for dogs. Even a few raisins can cause severe problems in dogs, especially in the small dog breeds.

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Also, make sure you do not feed any cooked cranberry dish or juice to your pal. Juices that contain grape juice can be potentially quite dangerous for your pet, and so can be the cranberry dishes that are loaded with sugar, alcohol and other such ingredients.

When fed appropriately, cranberries can even prove to be good for the well-being of your dog. Apart from improving its overall bladder health, it can also help lower the urine pH level. This further keeps oxalate stones from developing which is especially Yorkies, Schnauzers and Bichons. So, if you are feeding cranberries to your pet, feed it like a treat, combined with others and keep the other tips in mind as well.

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The last thing that we would like to say before you go is if you have the habit of feeding whatever you eat to your dog as well, then kindly reconsider. Though cranberries may not be harmful to your canine friend, there are many other things you eat that could be. Chocolate, salty foods, cheese, ice cream, grapes, and avocados are to name a few.

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It's not just that a dog owner should refrain from feeding a food item to their pets, but also that they should make sure that their furry friend does not eat that behind their back. Being a dog owner is a thing of responsibility, which many fail to realize and end up harming their pet. 

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