Can Dogs eat Blueberries?

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Can Dogs eat Blueberries?

Canines are a man’s best friend, and so are blueberries! But can we agree with the question,’ Can dogs eat blueberries?’. Worry not! We shall figure it out for you. You must know that all human foods aren't good for dogs. They can even lead to their death. So, be careful while choosing food for your dogs. Nonetheless, many foods good for humans are good for dogs too.

Blue colored berries are fruits which are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fibers with innumerable health benefits. It is labeled as a super food which is said to be low in calories. They are so sumptuous that many consider it to be their favorite fruit.

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Canine nutritionists state that Blueberries are good for dogs in a moderate quantity. They are often added to commercial dog foods and dog treats since dogs don’t acquire stomach issues upon eating them. They are low in fat and high in Vitamin C. Though, no study to date has concluded that blueberries are beneficial for a dog, but there are some health benefits attached to them. A study was conducted in the year 2006 by the University of Alaska Fairbanks and published by the National Institutes of Health. In the study, sled dogs were fed blueberries as a dietary supplement while exercising. The results showed that the sled dogs had increased levels of antioxidants in the blood, which prevent damage from free radicals. It may have a positive effect on your pet since antioxidants play a role in fighting conditions such as cancer and heart disease.”

Animal species like deer and grizzly bears feed on blueberries in the wild. The factor that lies in the safety of blueberries depends on the quantity being administered and the manner in which it is given. The treat for the dogs should be given on an occasional basis rather than on a daily basis and it also depends on the weight of your dog. If your dog has any gastric or stomach problems, then avoid giving blueberries to avoid facing dire consequences. If you feel confused about the quantity to provide, then confide in your vet for assistance.

Also, keep in mind that dogs are animals who feel free trying different foods especially dogs that live with people in their house. Other types of berries that the dogs can eat safely are strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

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When dogs consume blueberries, the antioxidants residing in the fruit help dogs fight radicals which are responsible for cellular and molecular damage in dogs and humans. They also help them in strengthening their immune systems by naturally attacking radicals in the body. Some studies propel that antioxidants in a dog’s diet help in reducing brain-aging in a dog. Thus, this might be good news for owners having older dogs! Also, Vitamin C and Fiber are pivotal components of a dog’s nutrition.

Don’t forget to observe your dog after feeding the fruit for the first time. Let us know what you think.

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As a dog owner it is great to know that blue berries are beneficial for my furry friend. Rich in anti oxidants , blue berries can actually stimulate his immunity system and help him stay away from unwanted radicals. Thanks for the information, and yes I'll make sure that I feed him with a restricted amount of berries to extract their optimum utility for my dog.

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