13 Dog Breeds That Adjust Amazingly In Small Apartments

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13 Dog Breeds That Adjust Amazingly In Small Apartments

Do you wish to have a pet dog but you live in a small apartment? When you live in such residential apartments or flats, you have second thoughts about having a pet. You start worrying about the size, noise and other things related to pets (especially dogs). Living in confined spaces means that a highly energetic dog won’t suit the place. Also, you have to consider the social skills of the dog because there will be times when you will meet other people and probably their pets.

So, if you live in an apartment and miss a dog buddy, then don’t worry. Here is the solution for it. We have brought you a list of dog breeds that are perfect for small apartments with confined space. Let's browse through the smallest, lightest and calmest ones that can be your pets!

#1. Basenji

Basenji is the kind of dog that one will prefer if there are a lot of neighbors and space is limited. This dog has the maximum height of 15 inches and weighs not more than 25 pounds.

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(Image Courtesy: Vetstreet)

The only problem with this breed is that if they are left alone for a long time, then they become disobedient and troublesome.

#2. Bichon Frise

This breed is a little more energetic than the ideal apartment pets. Although, the good thing about them is that they have the maximum height of a foot, making them perfect for the compact area of the apartment.

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(Image Courtesy: Dogsaholic)

#3. Boston Terrier

This breed is taller than the Bichon Frise by almost half a foot. The only worry about this breed is that they need to be taken out on a walk daily and one has to engage them in constant exercise. Otherwise, they will turn fierce.

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(Image Courtesy: dogs Breeds List)

#4. Brussels Griffon

This breed is known for being huge snugglers. They love to snuggle and are quite affectionate with their owners.

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(Image courtesy: Dogs Breed List)

#5. Bulldog

Popular for their laziness, this is the breed that rarely gets taller than 18 inches. They are happy with a short walk and spend most of their time lying down and sleeping.

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(Image Courtesy: Vetstreet.com)

#6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The best thing about these pets is that they cuddle and bond with their owners quickly. They have this habit of getting their belly rubbed at every chance they get. Although, the owner can face a hard time while training them!

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(Image Courtesy: Doglers)

#7. Chihuahua

They are cute and tiny which makes them perfect to get used to the small spaces. The only issue with them is that they are not very good at socializing. So, the owners have to be careful and check them in front of new neighbors or people.

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(Image Courtesy: dogs Breed Plus)

#8. Chinese Crested

These dogs are ideal for apartments and incredibly lazy owners. They are happy with minimal exercise. They are extremely comfortable with small spaces and can lay in bed for hours!

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(Image Courtesy: The Spruce)

 #9. Coton de Tulear

These dogs are extremely friendly and have low exercise needs. They are furry little creatures that do not require a lot of maintenance and will not mind staying at home.

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(Image Courtesy: Vetstreet.com)

#10. Dachshund

This breed has small legs and makes everyone happy by their appearance alone. The most surprising characteristic of this breed is that they can exercise entirely indoor if needed.

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(Image Courtesy: YouTube)

#11. French Bulldog

Low exercise needs, comfortable with tight spaces, this breed gets happy and cheerful with human contact.

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(Image Courtesy: The Blissful Dog)

The most astonishing thing about them is that they never bark without reason.

#12. Havanese

They are highly energetic and choose to stay with their owners most of the time. They play, run, cuddle and do all sorts of things as long as their owner is around.

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(Image Courtesy: PetGuide)

They grow merely one foot tall.

#13. Greyhound

Don’t be surprised by their size. They may seem big for the apartment, but they are more than satisfied with a daily brisk walk. Not to mention their calm and soothing nature.

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(Image Courtesy: The Apartments)

If you want to add to the list, tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your opinions and views.

Opinions (2)
Dogs are my first love. life is so much happier and enjoyable when you have a dog around. they are the most loveable and loyal animals a human can have. Living with a dog is like living with a protective parent who will keep you shelter no matter what. But it is highly important to choose the right breed before opting to pet a dog. not every breed is adjustable to every climate. I would love to have a chihuahua if given a chance. they are the cutest and can be easily kept on my arm or maybe my pocket too.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Fantastic article! They are all amazing dog breeds and are perfect for apartments as they are small and don't require much space or a lot of exercises but you missed out on one equally adorable breed and that is a beagle. 

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