What is the best pet to own?

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What is the best pet to own?

It is one of the toughest decisions when it comes to owning a pet especially when you are an animal lover. You fall in love with every other animal in store when you are out to buy any. But owning a pet isn’t easy. Pets can give you a real tough time if you aren’t well equipped with the do’s and don’t. Some animals don’t require special care and can manage well on their own while some are sensitive and might need your full attention and care.

But it is not as hard as it may sound, you just need to follow (or keep in mind) these points before bringing a new member home:

1. When it comes to owning a pet, most people run their thoughts for dogs or cats. Petting a dog or a cat isn’t easy. Owning either of the two might be a tough job. Dogs are sensitive animals, like human they also develop feelings. They are honest, loving, faithful and affectionate to their master. The downside is that need a lot of attention, from vaccination to food, bed, bath, potty training and everything like a human baby. So is with cats but they are less sensitive and moody; they are less affectionate towards their masters. They even flee sometimes depending on their mood. Also, some breeds are expensive.

2. Owning a bird is easy, but they too might need a lot of care and training. Birds like parrots are easy to train and can even talk if properly trained. Other than parrots, birds like owl, duck, peacock, dove, love birds can also be owned as pets. Birds are better without the cage, but that doesn’t necessarily require chopping off their wings. The owner needs to develop the level of trust with its pet and chopping off wings might take away the trust of the bird.

3. Fish can be the best pet to own, but they can die if over-fed. They are extremely sensitive. A little dirty water can also kill the minute creature. The best is before buying fish one should educate himself and get done a little research on owning fish.

4. You should not buy a pet if you are not mentally prepared. By mental preparation I mean, a pet might need your time, care and energy, if you are not ready to provide the two you should drop the idea of owning one.

5. Owning a pet should be like bringing a member to your family and not like bringing an animal to your home. If you show all your love and affection to it, it’ll give back the love and affection more than you expect.

6. Never leave your pet unattended. Even if you are out for the matter of an hour. Try taking it along or ask a neighbor to look after or check on it.

Every pet has the positives and the negatives when it comes to owning one. Like human babies, they are noisy, they pee, wake up at odd hours, but they are blessing to own. Similarly, it is with pets, no matter how annoying they are but once they are a part of your life. It is very hard to pull them away.

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