What are some things a child can learn by having a pet?

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What are some things a child can learn by having a pet?

Having a pet at home is certainly a great idea especially when you have kids around.

Families who have children have been found to have the most likely chances of owning a pet such as a dog or a cat or other animals such as rabbits, fishes etc. Children have a lot to offer to their pets in the form of unconditional love, compassion, kindness and all the attention that a pet seeks. Pets, in turn, contribute their bit too to their masters and their kids which are indeed amazing. So if you have children, own a pet and see yourself getting rewarded by these 10 wonderful aspects:

Responsibility: Give your kids a sense of responsibility by allowing them to involve themselves in the routine pet care activities such as feeding, exercising, affection and grooming along with their toilet training. Older children can be given more responsibilities while younger ones may be asked to assist the adults in this process.

Trust: Pets could be the first learning step of building trust in children. They can be taught to speak their mind to their pets while treating them as their trusted companions who will offer them that much-needed support when they are feeling blue or not in the best of their mood. Thus through pets, they learn to build trust in various relationships.

Compassion: As pet care demands compassion, a good degree of understanding and a lot of empathy too, children learn the values of kindness and concern for others. 

Bereavement: The sad news with pets is that they tend to have a shorter lifespan. So when a pet passes away, the child may feel depressed on account of the loss of a beloved , however, he would also learn to cope with loss and be stronger mentally which prepares him to face other challenges in life.

Respect: A value which seems to be lacking a lot in today's generation of youth, respect is something to be learned and earned. Own  a pet and see your kids learning to respect others as they learn how to pat their pets gently , cater to their needs and not disturn their eating or sleeping patterns.

Self-Esteem: As pets provide that much needed unconditional love, this could immensely boost the child's self-esteem and give them a deep sense of satisfaction that they may get through their concern for the needs of their pet.

Loyalty: Pets show unmatched loyalty towards their owners. This trait, in turn, is learnt by the children who start valuing loyalty and also become loyal to their furry buddy.

Physical Activity: Owning a pet gives ample scope to your child to involve himself in physical activities such as playing tug-of-war, running or going for walks. As per research, it has been discovered that children belonging to dog-owned families tend to spend a greater amount of time while being physically active as compared to those without the canine buddy.

Patience: It takes time and patience to bond with a new pet in the family. So your child learns to be more patient as the new family member establishes its comfort zone at your place and during the training phase as well.

Social skills: Your canine buddy could also act as a wonderful social ''ice-breaker.'' It opens up whole new opportunities for your child to socialise with others while he takes the pet to walks. Pets may also be a great companion to autistic children who thus develop more sociability and learn the values of sharing and caring.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, the child's basic needs - both emotional and physical can be successfully fulfilled by a pet while being showered with immense love and affection.

It has been also found through research that children who belong to dog-owned households have lesser chances of infections such as ear or respiratory tract infections. Such kids develop a stronger immune system on account of constant exposure to their pets and thus may require a lesser intake of antibiotics.

The other commonly observed benefits found include such kinds being less prone to allergies. Own a pet today. You may even notice your kids obtaining better grades in their academics as well as co-curricular as they may feel a sense of motivation from your pet and hence do better in all their routine activities!

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