Is it morally right to spend a lot of money on pets, rather than helping people in need?

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Is it morally right to spend a lot of money on pets, rather than helping people in need?

Pets are really good and life with them becomes pleasant, no doubt. These innocent companions are equally faithful. They understand love and express too. The charm of pets is beyond doubt and so is the reason why to keep them and spend money on them. But spending a lot of money on pets and ignoring our own kiths and kins and those who are in need is shameful. It is inhuman.

Single families also are being broken and now we see nuclear families around. In the past, the children lived with the parents and other family members. There was safety and there was a company. There was love along with fights, no doubt. It was beyond imagination that a pet is to be kept for a company. There were family members, relatives, attendants and the society was integrated to a very good extent. Mostly there was no migration. Pets were kept in those days too, but they were not an anti-loneliness tool. 

The prime reason why pets are being so important in our lives is actually this loneliness. No relatives coming frequently, neighbors being almost unknown, children in hostels, financial and security issues in hiring attendants, even in some cases living with husbands and wives in different cities - all have created a real null where many things are being tried as fillers and pets are among them.

And it is just nearness that nourishes love and association. Out of sight means out of mind. The tragedy that pets have become more deserving for expenses over them than the family members and relatives and those in the society comes out of this situation. But still, it could not be a justification. The old parents living alone and uncared in the homes in the old city and the pets of the son enjoying car trips in a metropolitan city is miserable. While numerous children are still not going to schools and child labor is a reality, lots of money for dogs and cats is a curse indeed. There are unemployment and poverty around us and our farmers are doing suicides. In this scenario, there is no cause why so much money should be spent on pets and why that sum should not be planned for such needy fellows in an organized way. 

It is all about values. From the legal point of view, there is no issue if someone spends much money on pets. But life is not about laws only. Without values, are we not like those animals only? We have families, we have society and we are a part of this global village. Everything is related and concerned with other things. And it is the human race that has made this world so beautiful and wise. So the dignity of the human race is above all. It is not that we would think of helping and supporting only when someone would ask for. There must be some inner voice too. There must be some decisions based on no self-interest. Things like this only shape us and make us what we are supposed to be as humans. 

It is not that pets should be neglected. It is about proportion. And such efforts would certainly work in the direction of the integration of the society. And also, this is the time when we must introspect why such things are happening. Is there no need to rethink and reconstruct the family structure? Is there no need to culture the neighborhood and social concerns? Yes, there is. And once such things would be handled, such issues also would be irrelevant and gone.

This world is full of the needy people. Suppose what could we do if the bigger share of the expenditure done on pets by their rich masters is just re-routed to the service of the mankind.Many children would have their meals and chance to go to schools, beggars would have bread and farmers would find some relief for sure. The nature of life is expansion and if this attitude is cultured, it also would expand and it would not be the question whether those unrelated and at remote ends are to be helped or not. 

It is needed to be understood that a society whose social concerns are shown only on social media and in drawing room talks done with pets in laps would sooner or later turn insane. It is highly immoral. It is full foolishness. It must be troubleshot as soon as possible.

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