4 Tips For Choosing The Best Bird Bath

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4 Tips For Choosing The Best Bird Bath

How To Choose A Bird Bath

The warmer weather has arrived and if you are like many people, you will be spending more time in your yard. This is the perfect time of year to take up the fascinating hobby of bird watching! There is no need to invest in expensive equipment if you want to begin attracting birds to your yard. Since all birds need water, getting a bird bath is a great place to start. You can purchase an inexpensive bird bath for as little as $25, and with a little care and maintenance, it will provide you with enjoyment, and the birds with a source of fresh water, for years to come.

Few simple tips to bear in mind when selecting a bird bath

Know the species you would like to attract.

For most birds, the traditional bowl and pedestal model will be sufficient. If you would like to attract hummingbirds, you will need an entirely different type of bird bath. Hummingbirds are attracted to the sound of flowing water and the sunlight reflecting off of water droplets. To attract these popular birds, provide a fountain, mister or dripper instead. Soon, you will have hummingbirds coming to take a refreshing dip in your backyard!

Make sure your bird bath is safe for humans and wildlife.

Many beginning birders go for the best-looking bird bath they can find. This can be a mistake. Glazed or glass bird baths can be too slippery for birds to hold on to. If you just can't resist falling in love with a glass birdbath, you can apply some non-toxic stickers to the bottom of the bowl, much like the ones you would likely find in a shower or bathtub. Also, make sure the bowl is not too deep. If you provide a bird bath with a depth greater than 2", you will put the birds at risk of drowning. 

Select a bird bath you will enjoy maintaining.

Maintenance is an important part of bird bath ownership. Fresh water should be provided on a daily basis and the bird bath must be kept clean. Dirty, stagnant bird bath water can attract mosquitoes and encourage algae growth. Depending of the material your bird bath is made of, it may require more frequent cleaning. For example, cement and concrete bird baths should be scrubbed at least once a month with a still brush to clean microbes and algae out of the crevices. Plastic bird baths can simply be drained and wiped clean with a towel.

A bird bath pump has many benefits. 

Adding a pump to your birdbath can be beneficial in numerous ways. For one, birds are attracted to the sight and sound of running water, so adding a pump will attract more birds to your backyard. Second, moving water discourages mosquitoes from breeding and algae from growing in your bird bath. A pump is not expensive, and you can find both electric and solar models. The electric models cost only pennies per day to run, while the solar ones won't cost anything.

By following these simple guidelines, you will be sure to get the best bird bath for your yard.

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