Unusual pets

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Unusual pets

Are you considering getting a pet, but a more unique one this time?

Well, there are a few unusual pets that you could thing about owning these days.

- Fennec fox : Foxes as pets? Well though a bad idea, the fennec fox is a great pet that you could own. This cute and cuddly desert animal happens to be smaller than cats and is smart! It can even be trained litter box manners. The fennec fox is a playful pet and needs good exercising. You can safely own it as a pet.

- Capybara : The capybara- a rodent is nothing much like a hamster or guinea pig. It can grow to about four feet in length and weighs above a hundred pounds.

- Miniature donkey : This cute little fuzzy creature is ready to be your companion and remember they hate loneliness!

- Hedgehogs : These are really friendly to have as pets and could become very passionate about their owners. Indeed, they could be the perfect pets due to their calm nature and require low maintenance. They do need a lot of attention particularly when they are small.

Cats, dogs or rabbits and parrots are cute undoubtedly to be kept as pets. Unlike them, the exotic ones call for a huge responsibility. So do think twice before you get an unusual pet to give you your much-needed company.


Keeping unusual pets at home sometimes may not prove to be a good idea as they may be dangerous. Moreover people are unaware about the unusual species of animals so they are unable to provide the care they require. Also, they can carry diseases that are dangerous to people, such as rabies, herpes B virus, and Salmonella.

So, its not a good idea at all to keep unusual animals as a pet.

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