Do cats freak out after taking a dump?

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Do cats freak out after taking a dump?

Cats are extraordinary creatures. If they are handled well they can be very good mates but on the contrary, if they are not treated well they can be a nightmare. The most speculative theory about cats is that they often freak out after taking a dump. In simpler words, they just poop and get freaked out after that. Now, what is the reason behind this? Do they really freak out?

Not all cats show this wonders, but rather some of them do show this trait. I have seen some cats going insane and begin scratching on the lounge chair or on my container spring they are sitting on just after pooping. To get a thought of what it would seem that, one can imagine a funny scene of the famous Tom and Jerry cartoon where tom had several instances of pooping and then getting freaked.

While there's little logical research on the matter, normal theory suggests that cats simply feel truly extraordinary in the wake of relinquishing a few ounces of poop. A creature physiologist affirmed that cats might show reactions like people, whose vagus nerve can be fortified by the demonstration of poop or dump. This makes a profound theory of why cats freak out after taking a dump or poop.

Therapeutic purposes behind a cat to poop and run away is just same.

Several articles address the way that a few cats may keep running from their litter box in which they poop after wiping out in the event that they encounter distress from the procedure. Such uneasiness could be brought about by diseases or incendiary procedures including the urinary tract, colon or rectum. It could even be brought on by clogging issues. In any case, it is quite clear that cats being unique creatures show this trait nevertheless they are altogether trained for not doing so.

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Cat lovers would know that their cat can have very peculiar bathroom habits. And every cat seems to exhibit different crazy habits, they all seem completely passive aggressive when it comes to petting. 

Dr. Sheth describes "The vagus nerve in her theories, which is a connected from your brainstem to your colon. This nerve becomes stimulated through defecation, and can bring about feelings of exhilaration or invigoration in both humans and animals."

So may be this could be the reason of cats freaking out and behaving so differently after they take a dump. 


Not all cats exhibit this phenomena, but my cat Buster, pictured at the bottom of this post, does. After attending to his business, he’ll burst out of the cat box, often knocking off the lid, and bolt across the room. He usually goes crazy and starts scratching on the couch or on my box spring. To get an idea of what it looks like, here’re some gifs of cats freaking out. I don’t know if these cats just pooped or not, but let’s say for example’s sake that they did.

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