Which are the breeds of cats?

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Which are the breeds of cats?

There are over 700 million domestic cats all over the world. They come in different colors, size and shape, hence choosing the cutest among them becomes pretty hard. There are more than 40 cat breeds to choose from, so this was not easy. Read on to take your pick of the top five cutest cat breeds in the world.

#5 Maine Coon

This luxurious haired cat is a Maine Coon! The Maine Coon is a long-haired, charming, social, playful breed. Maine Coons are intelligent, and trainable cats. Some describe them as “dog like”. They will offer you hours of enjoyment but can be a little intrusive at times. They love to be part of everything. Surprisingly these cats are fond to water. Unlike the nature of most cats, Maine Coons enjoy getting a little wet. So, don’t be surprised if you have an uninvited guest in the shower or some help cleaning the dishes. These cats have long silky hair. But is actually easy to take care of. They effectively manage themselves, but once in a while, they will need grooming. In other words, Maine Coons, are adorable, affordable, and quite ideal for the regular family. It’s clear that Maine Coons are just lovable, adorable cats! 

#4 Somali

The Somali is a breathtakingly beautiful and adorable cat. The combination of tricked, dramatic colored fur, amazing facial markings, large ears, and full bushy tail gives the Somali a look that immediately captivates others. They have a soft and silky coat and unlike the previously mentioned breeds isn't very plush looking. But does have a lovely, fluffy tail. The large, almond-shaped eyes range in color from greens to rich copper. Their coat pattern is ticked, which has various colors on each hair. Somali is a stunning combination of personality and beauty. It is an intelligent cat, its zest for life and love of play makes it the perfect cat. Nonetheless, Somali’s are ideal pets, they are just so cute!

#3 Chartreux

This wondrously happy cat is the Chartreux. This cat breed is famous for its smile. The rounded head with a slightly contoured forehead leads to a narrow nose. This gives the Chartreux’s face an aura of a captivating smile. The Chartreux’s eyes are one of its most endearing features. They are rounded, but the eyes of the Persian breed looks even rounder. The outer corners curve slightly upward. Color ranges from copper to gold. This breed also has a wooly coat which makes petting it delightful.  The Chartreux bonds with a family pretty quickly and usually follow them from room to room. The Chartreux is a pretty calm and quiet cat breed which will chirp rather than meow at things it finds interesting. This is a cat breed which is fascinated by television and sitting on a window sill watching outdoor wildlife and birds fly by. Chartreux kittens love to interact and play with their human companions. So, next time you want a new cat, consider the Chartreux, for they are just extremely adorable! 

#2 British Shorthair

This is the British Shorthair cat breed! A chunky body, thick coat, and broad face. With a plush fur coat, which makes petting them irresistible to the human hand.  The British Shorthair breed has beautiful, large, copper-colored eyes. They have very distinct facial features, as well. They seem to get along well with all members of a family irrespective of age but usually, do not like being carried around. If you are looking for an adorable, calm, and cuddly pet, look no further! The British Shorthair cat breed is the perfect pet for you!

#1 Russian Blue

This gentle cat is stunningly beautiful. With their plush, silky coat and pure green eyes, this breed is sure to have you gushing! These cats are shy but loving. They show much affection to their owners or loved ones. Russian Blue’s are quite charming, really. They love to play and have someone to be with. Which makes them even more adorable. So, all in all, this cat has a shimmering coat, vivid green eyes, and the perfect personality, which just makes this cat breed too cute! 

                                                                So, the next time you are looking for a great pet, you should definitely consider one of these extremely adorable cats. As the well-known adage goes, the purity of an individual’s heart can be gauged by how much they regard cats.

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All animals are cuttest, not just cats or dogs !

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