Did You Know Even A Cat Could Take Selfies?

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Did You Know Even A Cat Could Take Selfies?

This rescued gray tabby cat has got some serious skills having mastered the art of clicking a selfie. He gets quite fascinated by Go-Pro cameras and love to click himself.  

Seeing his impressive clicks would definitely put you in a self-doubt!

Portraying all the outdoor adventures that Manny has, his photographs usually contain dogs in the background making it a Groupfie. 

Popularly known as “Manny Catman” or “The Selfie Cat”, this feline is an internet sensation since 2016 and has around 392K followers on his Instagram account till date.

Manny gets fascinated by all the cameras and stretches out an arm upon seeing one which actually results in a picture-perfect-selfie.

(Video: The Dodo)

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