Which do you like more, dogs or cats?

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Which do you like more, dogs or cats?

On a personal observation, I had known that I had been more affectionate towards cats and loved them more than I loved dogs. Unlike dogs, though cats don’t reciprocate the same love and affection it gets from its owner, but the ball of fur wins the heart in looks. Cats are not only elegant but have weird ways of showing their affection. They don’t wag their tails to show their love; instead, they will bring you a dead mouse if it wants to reciprocate its love for you. Cats are intelligent species, their elegance, and the ability to hunt well at the same time makes them my favorite. It is a never-ending fight that goes on between the dog lovers and the cat lovers to decide which of them is the most lovable of all.

Loving an animal is an individual choice, some people love the cats, some love the dogs and some love them both. Many people have a difference in their choices and opinions when it comes to loving an animal. It is because of the difference in their nature. On the basic classification, a person who loves cats more than dogs is known as ‘cats person’ while, the person who has more affection towards dogs is known as ‘dogs person’.

Do you know, based on a scientific study, ‘dog people’ and ‘cat people’ tend to have different personalities from each other? The dog lovers are known to be lively, energetic and outgoing people, while the cat lovers are known to be introverts and are more open-minded and sensitive than the dog lovers. This is because the cats are very different from the dogs, but what does that have to do with human personalities you may ask. Well, based on our personalities we tend to give love to the animal which has the most similar nature as to ours. For example, people those who are introverts are generally fond of cats, as cats are also known to have the similar nature. Likewise, dogs are very lively and are very affectionate, so are the dog lovers.

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