Why do Cats Knead?

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Why do Cats Knead?

A feline moving her paws 'to and fro' against a soft object makes her look alluring and lovable, especially to people who get the opportunity to witness it. This movement of her paw is commonly known as kneading. 

Every cat has its way of doing it. Some do it with two paws, and some do it with four depending on their needs. Don’t we derive great pleasure when a cat moves her paws in a back and forth motion on our lap or when we see her doing it on blankets and cushions? Indeed we do. Also, they feel delighted on doing so since it gives them sweet memories of the youth.

Why Do Cats Knead?

#1. Cats knead because it takes them to a trance like state which can be broken only by the sounds of another cat eating their favorite food.

#2. They kneaded their mother when they were kittens to stimulate the flow of milk so, it's comforting and enjoyable for them. It reminds them of their childhood days.

#3. We don’t call kneading as ‘biscuit making’ without a sound reason! It kneads you to make you ready for her lunch or dinner. Well, not really! It does so to transform your cold heart into a soft one so that you pamper her a little more. They may also do it to make a flexible space for themselves for a good sleep.

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#4. Our soldiers protect our country by not letting in others. Likewise, Cats knead us since they consider us as their territory. They own us officially! Don’t pretend as if you didn’t know.

#5. Cats are more of needy type animals who try to distract you now and then to catch your attention. Maybe, you are too involved in washing dishes or cooking food, that is when they start kneading you or purrs you! They do it to get scratches in that special place of their ears where only you can carve your way.

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#6. Many a time, they just try to convey that they ‘love you too’ through kneading and you need not worry. It’s a gesture of returning affection you imparted to her while petting her. Woefully, love can hurt at times when they dig their sharp-edged claws into you due to the immense happiness they imbibe. Try fixing a mushy obstruction between your lap and the cat to avoid unbearable pains or politely place her on her back and move your palm on her belly in a to and fro motion if it gets too extreme.

#7. Sometimes, female cats also knead just to attract male cats towards them. They give a signal to them that they are ready to mate and are going into ‘their heat’ mode.

Cats have many fun traits and kneading is just one of them. For whatever reason, your cat kneads but is certain it’s a natural instinct and common behavior.

Does your cat exhibit the same behavior? Let us know.

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