Pros & Cons Of Being A Cat Owner That You Must Know

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Pros & Cons Of Being A Cat Owner That You Must Know

An adorable furry friend that loves us unconditionally plays with us and cannot think of existence without us; all these attributes apply to a dog, and yet people are in love with cats. Unlike dogs, cats are extremely independent and couldn’t care two hoots about winning the affection or approval of their owners.

If you are a cat person you would already know what taking care of a cat is like  There is a famous joke that goes cats were once worshiped in Ancient Egypt, and they still haven’t forgotten that. How true! If you are a cat lover, then there are numerous reasons why.

Pros of owning a cat

#1. They make your heart melt

Ever seen a little kitten? You will melt like butter on a warm day. Even if you are a dog lover, you can't deny that cats are simply adorable little things with their beautiful furs and large eyes. You can’t help but love them and have them snuggle up to you. Their funny antics add more to their playful charm.

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#2. Low maintenance

Cats are extremely independent and good at taking care of themselves. If you keep their litter box clean and feed them ample amount of food and water, they won’t bother you. They are also fond of routine and prefer the same surrounding over going around town with you. They are also quite equipped with keeping themselves clean.

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#3. Space is not an issue

Cats don’t require a large space, unlike many dog breeds that need enough room to move about and play. Most cats can easily adjust to apartment spaces. They are more of an indoor loving species and prefer to stay inside where they can comfortably sit near a window and look outside.

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#4. They show affection. At times!

Cats may not come bounding through the house to greet you or lick your face as a dog does, but they will show you affection in their own way. The most common way of showing love for a cat is asking for belly rubs. A cat’s trust has to earned and only when you have won it over will it show you affection.

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#5. Entertaining

Every cat owner is acquainted with the crazy kitty moments where cats can act like the weirdest creatures and from bolting all over the place to ending up in a cardboard box, they pretty much can do anything. This does make them very entertaining as a pet.

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Cons of owning a cat

#1. Popping in the house

First thing first, cats poop in the house and if that’s not something you are okay with then maybe they aren’t the best pet for you. Moreover, their poop is stinky. You can get a litter box, but you will need to clean that.

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#2. Getting clawed

Cats have some sharp talons, and they have no problems wielding them as a weapon on you. They will scratch random things in the house, you and anything they fancy. One way to counter this is by making a scratching post where they can put their claws to good use. Also, don’t ever de-claw them.

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#3. Headstrong

Cats are not people pleasers, so what if you feed her or take care of her; she is going to be at your beck and call like a dog. You will cry yourself hoarse calling them out, and they will just dismiss you.

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If you think that cats are simply adorable and you can deal with all the cons, then head to your nearest shelter and adopt 'purr-fect' friend. Share your opinions on cats and dogs using the comment box below.

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I am a dog person but I have a soft corner for cats as well.Raising any pet is a hard job, be it a cat or a dog and each has its own set of pros and cons but they all become meaningless when you come home and snuggle with your furry friend. 

Dogs are the most loyal and loving animals, agreed and I love them too. But I would love to pet a cat. Cats are lazy and do not require a lot of efforts. One can opt for petting a dog or a cat because both the animals are lovely and caring.

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