What is the most logical reason for becoming a vegetarian?

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What is the most logical reason for becoming a vegetarian?

Being a vegetarian requires a will power that is logical. People who turn into vegetarians are mostly affected by the cruelty of animal slaughtering. No doubt, it is a noble cause, and people who go for it deserve an applaud. But it is not always necessary that people turn into vegetarians because of the killing of poor animals. Sometimes people develop a feeling of hatreds towards animal meat. Psychologically people who eat clean in terms of processing are the ones who develop these traits. 

Since cutting of meat involves several procedures, people preferring a clean meal always go for vegetarian dishes. This clearly portrays a healthy living among these individuals, as non-veg foods do contain certain bacteria and fungi which can hamper our health in some ways. There are even much more logical reasons for being a vegetarian. Some research says being a vegetarian increase our life span and even engages in a healthier sex life. No doubt being a vegetarian has several benefits right from the day you leave the meat to the days when you are striving for spinach. But the important and most logical reason for being a vegetarian, as discussed is about saving poor and innocent animals from getting slaughtered. Although this reason is completely based on my point of view, people do have several other opinions.

Animals are meant to be loved. They are the precious gifts of nature that are to be protected. But we as humans have always a tendency to turn things for the betterment of ourselves. Even if the matter relates to the killing of other species. No doubt eating non-veg is highly preferable by a large population. I myself has got a strong crave for meat. But that doesn’t justify the killing of some animals. Being vegetarian has the most logical reason of protecting animals. Therefore vegetarianism is a lifestyle that is preached by animal lovers all over the world.

There are several types of being a vegetarian. Total vegans who do not eat any of the products derived from animals, including dairy and partial vegans, comprising of Lacto-Ovo and pescatarians. But the real concern lies over the killing of animals and not in buying meat. Because someone who buys meat does the part of eating habit as meat is not something that is prohibited. But on the other hand killing of certain species is banned in some parts of the world. Vegans although have a strong cause of protest for the killing of animals, but they, on the other hand, do not really contribute to saving these animals. Since a large part of the world serves a variety of meat which is not consumed in a normal diet, several other species than the usual do get killed without our knowledge. 

Some animals like porcupines are even killed for their meat which is highly irregular. Vegans concentrate on the killing of the chicken and goats, the two most preferred meat across the whole world. At places even there are cases of cow slaughtering. Although in countries like the U.S, cow slaughter is a common thing. But in a country like India, slaughtering of a cow for meat or any reason is considered as a disgraceful act. Cows are considered holy in a country like India and killing of cows creates a lot of debate in various places. 

Vegans through their total rejection of meat support this cause the most. The fact that humans consume almost 230 tons of meat of several animals in a year, is a topic to be concerned of. The breeds of chicken, goats and cows and those of pigs and sheep are mostly consumed. Pig and sheep meat is accepted in almost every part of the world. Even in India, a large number of pigs and sheep are slaughtered every year for various purposes. Thus, vegans through their way of life provide a path to protest against these cruel acts.

Certain studies point out to the fact that meat-eating by humans put a severe stress on our ecological system. The United Nations in support of the animals once noted that around 18 percent of the climatic change through emissions of our ecosystem was because of the imbalance of animal bred in several places. Mostly cows, sheep and pigs are bred to have a substantial effect on our ecosystem. Recently, huge slaughtering of these animals has led to the drastic loss in our ecosystem. The gasses that are being produced from the burning of carcasses of these animal bodies for energy use, has also been contributing to the decrease in atmospheric oxygen. 

Even cow dung emits gasses that are harmful to the ecosystem. Humans while killing several species of cows and cattle are evolving rapidly eating up a substantial amount of land resources. Even for the growing of livestock to feed these animals that can be slaughtered later, a lot of resources are wasted. Around 30 percent of the available ice free and green surface is being used for growing food for these animals. The natural resources required for maintaining an overall balance in the ecosystem is continually being destroyed for producing meat. No doubt meat being a costly item has several procedures behind it being produced.

The above-said facts do justify the noble cause of people who turn into vegans. No doubt going by all these data it is pretty much clear that even though they are not providing any efforts directly into saving animals, their act has a strong message. Peace can never have its place on earth if we humans continue to slaughter other forms of life for our own benefits. Turning into a vegetarian does create a method to support a cause for respecting these innocent creatures.

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