Why do flocks of piegons fly in a circle?

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Why do flocks of piegons fly in a circle?

Have you ever seen flocks of pigeon flying in a circle and wondered why they do so?

Well, pigeons are known to often fly in circles when they head towards a destination. However, there is a scientific reason for such behaviors in birds and animals. Insects often follow a zigzag path to their target. Similarly, you can spot flocks of pigeon fly in a circle.

Pigeons have some accurate senses. You will be surprised to know that pigeons have the remarkable ability to sense the magnetic field of the earth, evaluate directions through their sense of smell and follow astronomical signals. Human beings cannot use their noses and walk towards their home, but pigeons have such a strong sense of smell that they can follow it to reach their home.

When pigeons fly in circles, they are able to sense the magnetic field and smell the mixture of odors in the air to find that familiar odor of home. Therefore, flocks of pigeon form a circle and fly for navigation purposes. Homing pigeons circle their home area as it helps them in locating their home. It helps them to know the landmarks that assist them in navigation.

The pigeons also form a circle when they are about to head towards their home. The primary reason why flocks of pigeon fly in a circle is because it helps them in finding their home. 

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