Is it acceptable to test cosmetics on animals?

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Is it acceptable to test cosmetics on animals?

The testing of cosmetics on animals has become a huge topic of discussion all around the world. However, not many of the countries have come forward to ban this method. Countries like India, Israel Norway and few more have banned the test method recently. But it is still legal in many of the countries. Many big companies of cosmetics carry on their tests on animals regularly in order to test their new products. Generally, the tests are conducted when certain new ingredients are required in producing a product that might harm the human skin. Therefore in order to keep the product safe and non-toxic for human testing, this method is used.

There are various methods of testing of the cosmetics depending on the areas it is used. The testing includes Allergy tests, Skin Absorption level determination, Skin Irritation Level along with the possible outcomes when consumed and the consequences faced if it comes in contact with the eyes.

These methods are applied to the Rabbits, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Monkeys and also Beagle (dogs). The worst part is in spite of having tonnes of other non-harmful test methods, the branded companies opt for the animal testing methods. In spite of knowing the fact that non-animal testing methods are cheap, they always opt for the later.

The strategy that is being used in the animal testing laboratories defines that there should be a minimal number of animals that should take part in the tests and they should be kept in a comfortable zone as any stress or discomfort may change the hormonal balance in them leading to faulty results in the test procedures. The animal testing labs follow certain rules in order to make the tests as accurate as possible. The non-animal testing methods include the cells of Humans, developed and sold in order to test the reaction of the products and for the better interpretation of the product on humans. Big companies, however, prefer the animal testing method.

Organisations like PETA protest against this method of animal testing to prevent the cruelty witnessed by the living animals in the testing labs. Most of the testing process kills the specimen and in some case just leaving those half dead. In either way, the tests conducted harms the animals. The main aim of these product companies is to go beyond capabilities to conduct a test, thus, harming the innocent creatures. Thousands of Monkeys, Rabbits and Rats go straight into the dust bins dead just after the tests have been conducted. If not dead then blind or anything more painful.

Recently hundreds of blind Beagles (dogs) have been rescued from a cosmetic lab which almost killed many of them in the harsh process of testing the cosmetics. The Beagles were then brought to the shelters where they were put through the adoption process. But in these cases where the animal is blind, the adoption process becomes quite difficult, leaving these creatures without a home.

The animal testing not only kills the animals but also makes their lives not worth a living. Knowing the facts about cruelty, people still get interested in buying the high-cost cosmetics encouraging the process even more. Instead of this, people should come forward and stop using the products of the company that use the animal testing methods in order to demolish the process. In doing so the companies will have no other option to make their market value go strong but to adopt the non-animal testing methods. When the number of people protesting against this kind of products increase, eventually they will stop using them and the whole drama of torturing these animals will come to an end systematically. Recently in the year 2015, New Zealand also banned the animal testing methods.

In order to make the animal testing method come to an end, popular faces and personalities like film stars and celebrities should come forward and appeal publicly to stop using anything that includes the cruelty of animal testing. The celebrities are the people who help in selling the product through endorsement. If they stop endorsing the products that include the animal testing process then the marketing of the products will fall down and hence the goal of avoiding such products can be achieved more easily. Many celebrities are coming forward for the cause and have also been working for an organisation like PETA.

The countries that have already banned the process includes China and Turkey. U.K also banned this method since 1998. With the growing demand for non-animal tested products among the people, the companies now are opting for these testing methods over the methods that include animals. Moreover, the ban on this method also played a vital role legally, as people became more aware of the testing methods making non-animal ways more acceptable. Many countries have changed their law and banned the process.

The animal lovers and NGOs also play a great role in rescuing the animals from animal testing centres and taking care of them in shelters and required homes.

The animal testing method is not at all acceptable as any sort of harmful experiment on a living being is not only a painful procedure but also doesn’t serve anyone well. There is no way these methods will do any justice to the customers who are buying the products. The cosmetics in a way are harming the lives of the speechless creatures and killing them.

So say no to animal cruelty and animal testing, boycotting the extensive use of so-called beauty enhancing cosmetics. Doing so, it may increase the healthy living of the innocent animals.

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