Who are the Most Endangered Species on the Earth?

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Who are the Most Endangered Species on the Earth?

There's an estimate that Earth has over 30 million living and discovered animal species. However, man's thirst and greed for meat, fur, land, etc. have compromised with their natural habitat and survival. Unfortunately, there are numerous animals whose lives have been jeopardized and put to constant danger.

Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive list of endangered species on the Earth. Endangered animals are found throughout the world, but to some extent, wildlife tourism can help increase their population. However, it all depends upon their rigorous efforts and programs.

List Of Endangered Species On Earth

#1. Baiji

A Baiji can be found in Yangtze River of China which is why Baiji is also called as the Yangtze River Dolphin. It's amongst those endangered species on Earth that were only three in number when an expedition was carried out for discovering them in 2007. Several initiatives have been carried for preventing deaths, but the efforts aren't really showing up.

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(Image Courtesy: Mother Nature Network)

#2. Northern White Rhinoceros

In the conservation centers of the Czech Republic and California, this endangered animal is being protected from poachers and accidental deaths. There are just 10 left, and they even have guards day and night to keep a check.

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(Image Courtesy: Mother Nature Network)

#3. Iberian Lynx

The Iberian Lynx is a wild cat species that are said to be the first to get extinct in the modern world amongst all the feline species. They are native to the Iberian Peninsula which is located in the Southwestern Europe.

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(Image Courtesy: Portugal Resident)

#4. Vaquita

There are only about 300 Vaquita's left. Their habitat is restricted in the Gulf of California. They fall under the category of the world's rarest aquatic species. Illegal fishing has caused a vast decline in their numbers. And that's how they make it to the group of the endangered species list. However, the Mexican government has made efforts regarding their conservation.

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(Image Courtesy: KCET)

#5. Javan Rhinoceros

The Javan Rhinoceros has been enlisted as the Critically Endangered Species on Earth on the IUCN Red List in the year 2009. Only two populations are existing. And despite all the conservational and awareness efforts, the species is on the verge of extinction due to the forest land being converted into farmland. These endangered animals are poached for their horns and are used for formulating Chinese medicines.

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(Image Courtesy: Animal Corner)

#6. Mountain Gorilla

This endangered animal is found in Uganda, Virunga, Rwanda and other parts of Africa. Loss of habitat, kidnapping, traps, misunderstanding the animal's aggression, tourist interactions, meat trade and starvation are all the possible reasons why they are one of the Earth's endangered species. On an estimate, only about 400 are left.

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(Image Courtesy: WWF)

#7. Leatherback Sea Turtle

Planet Earth's endangered species also consists of this largest marine turtle which is also the largest living reptile. They have actually survived more than 100 million years. However, now they are on the verge of extermination. Adult leatherback turtles are being killed because of the rising sea level, increasing Arctic temperature and poaching.

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(Image Courtesy: YouTube)

#8. Saola

Saola or the Asian unicorns are found in Vietnam and Laos. These are basically the cousins of antelope, cattle, and goats. Saolas are rarely seen these days, but have been around since the year 1992.

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(Image Courtesy: Konika Minolta)

#9. Polar Bear

These animals are the early victims of climate induced territory loss. Polar bear population is exposed to extinction shortly. Warming trends in the Arctic and shipment of gas and oil pose a higher level of threat. Add to that; the Human-bear conflict is making it difficult for the species to survive due to lack of ice and required environment.

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(Image Courtesy: World Wildlife Fund)

#10. Siamese Crocodile

This species is a native to Southeast Asia, and there are just 70 left. Taking off the land for farming along with corrupting the clean water has compromised with the survival of these crocodiles.

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(Image Courtesy: Thai National Parks)

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Perhaps not directly, but you do need funds for the resources required for the conservation of endangered species, and wildlife tourism can help by generating funds for authorities. 

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