How do Snakes Drink Water?

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How do Snakes Drink Water?

We all know that snakes can feed on almost anything in the world; from small rodents to medium sized rats to even animals double their size!

However, have we ever thought if snakes can drink water? People believe that the reptile gets most of its water by feeding on mice.

In this article, we shall see if snakes can drink water along with a few fun facts about snakes. Take a look:

How Do Snakes Drink Water?

It is true that snakes don’t drink water the way we do. While we intake the water from our mouths, snakes rely on their ducts to absorb as much water possible from the food they have ingested. However, this is a fact that cannot be generalized. There have been instances when several species of snakes have been found to drink water the way we do. Scientists even encountered a Boa Constrictor that could drink water from a tiny hole. But, you all would be surprised to see the video below, in which a King Cobra can be seen drinking water from a can! Yes, take a look at the video if you don’t believe us.

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(Image Courtesy: YouTube)

                                                                          (Video Courtesy: YouTube)

Now that you’ve seen how snakes drink water, don’t forget to read some fun facts about snakes.

Interesting Facts About Snakes

#1. Snakes can be found everywhere on earth except a few island nations like Northern Ireland, New Zealand, and Iceland.

#2. There are 725 known venomous species of snakes and of them, 250 can kill humans with a single bite.

#3. There is a special term to describe the fear of snakes. It’s called ‘herpetophobia’ and is one of the most common phobias around the world.

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(Image Courtesy: Penny Live)

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#4. Snakes don’t have external ears or eardrums but they make use of their skin and muscles to sense vibrations off the ground.

#5. Snakes have multiple sets of fangs in their lifetime. Each set of fangs lasts about 6-10 weeks and new ones grow in their stead when they wear out.

If you found this article informative, let us know in the comments below.

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I thought it was informative because I have always used my voice, thinking it would let a snake know i was around so it could warn me before I got right next to it. Now I know to maybe stomp as I walk so they feel me coming. It wont feel as foolish as talking to snakes, when I'm by myself or with someone, either.

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