How to Train a Puppy?

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How to Train a Puppy?

Have you just got a new puppy? And, are you clueless about how to train the little pup? Don’t worry! Training a puppy may seem like a huge challenge, but the key to a successful training is patience. Dogs are fast learners and will obey your commands if you train them right. Puppy training is a little tough because puppies are just babies. They take time to train. However, big dogs can be easier to train.

Here we’ll be discussing the many ways you can train your puppy along with some dog training tips. Puppy training should start and end on a positive note. Puppies will give you their unconditional love only if you treat them with love and care.

How To House Train A Puppy

House training a puppy is the first thing that you should do. They should get used to the surroundings. Make your home a safe zone for the little puppy. They should be kept away from anything that could cause an injury or harm to its health. To house train your puppy, follow these steps:

#. Have a private den for your puppy. Having a space of its own will make the puppy feel secure. Make sure you give them a space that is not used by anyone else in the family or by another pet. Puppies need a private sleeping space. This makes sure that they feel comfortable even when left alone.

How to Train a Puppy?

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#. Teach your puppy to come when called. “Come on Frankie!” “Good boy!” are the ways you can positively reinforce your alpha status. When your puppy comes to you, reward them with a treat and make a huge deal about it. This will encourage the puppy. It is a good habit, especially for meal times.

#. Reward your puppy for good behavior. Reward them by giving treats, toys, love, belly rubs and whatever they like. It is very important to reward your puppy for good behavior. If you don’t do this, they will stop being a “good boy!”

#. If your puppy has done something wrong, make sure you use your training technique right away. Dogs live in the moment. They will forget what happened after five minutes. So, make sure you teach them not to do the bad thing. This is crucial, especially in the early stages.

#. To discourage your dog from biting or nipping, pretend you are in great pain when it does bite or nip you. Dogs can see if a person is in pain, and you’ll be surprised to see them stop almost immediately. If this doesn’t work, then replace your hand or leg with a toy. Give them a toy that they will love. If all this fails, break up the biting and ignore the puppy. It sounds harsh, but once they will understand that you are upset with them, they will stop biting.

How To Potty Train A Puppy

#. Start off by confining your puppy to a particular place. You can make them stay in a puppy house, a room or on the leash. Once the puppy understands that they have to go outside for doing their business, you can allow them to roam in the house.

#. Keep your puppy on a regular feeding schedule so that they get used to the time for meals. Your puppy will be ready every time they know it’s time for their meal.

#. Take your puppy outside for them to do their business, first thing in the morning. Repeat this every 30 minutes to 1 hour. Also, always take them outside after meals or after a nap. Make sure you take them outside before they sleep at night and before they are left alone.

How To Potty Train A Puppy

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#. Take your puppy to the same spot every time. They will sniff, and their scent will prompt them to go. Stay with them outside until they are properly house trained.

#. End the training on a positive note. Make sure you reward them with treats, belly rubs, and love. This will encourage them to come back and behave in a positive manner.

#. If you are not able to train your puppy, you can opt for dog training classes. Let the professionals do the training. However, it is recommended that you train your puppy yourself for that special bonding time.

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