How Can Your Dog Help You To Lose Weight

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How Can Your Dog Help You To Lose Weight

A dog is man’s best friend. They lighten the mood and keep one happy. But did you ever think that your furry little friend can also help you shed those stubborn extra kilos? Yes, that’s right! Your dog can help you get back in shape.

A recent study claimed that more people who workout with their pet tend to stick to their health regimen than people who do it alone. However, there are plenty other ways that your friend can help you get the figure that you so long for. Keep reading several other ways that your friend can help you get the figure that you so long for. Keep reading.

#1. Establish Objectives for Both of You

Goals are important. So, if you and your dog both have that extra layer of fat, then set standards for weight loss for every week and measure progress on time. The fact that you are planning the program for the two of you will make you less likely to give up on your objectives.

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#2. Let Your Dog Motivate You

Seeing your dog lose weight and feel better can ignite the fire in you to lose weight yourself. Shedding just a few pounds can help your dog turn from a couch potato to a playful furry creature that it once used to be. This, in turn, can motivate you to do the same with your life and become the lively and energetic person that you once used to be.

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#3. Substitute Munching with Petting

Whenever you feel like snacking or munching on potato chips and cookies that are loaded with carbs, instead play with your pet. This will distract your mind away from those snacks and at the same time help you burn some calories as well.

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#4. Workout Together

Even if you are playing with your dog to keep it active, you are burning calories yourself in the process. So, make sure your dog follows a consistent health regimen. Go for walks on a regular basis and participate in activities that need you to move around.

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#5. Let Your Dog Pull You

In case your dog is more into the workout than you, then use a front-clip harness so your dog can pull you around but not faster than you would like to go. You can also take part in fetch races.

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#6. Make A Diet Plan

Consult a veterinarian about what’s the ideal weight for your dog and a doctor to find out the right weight for you. Prepare a diet chart with their help and follow the plan. Several low-calorie dog foods are available in the market that will keep your pet feeling full. Also, eat only when you feed your dog. This will keep a check on your food consumption and prevent needless munching and snacking.

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#7. Keep a Check on Those Treats

Your dog doesn’t need the extra treats you have been so generous with, and neither do you. You are going to have to cut down on late night snacks, desserts, and additional consumption and also make sure that your dog only eats when it is the time to eat and what it’s supposed to eat as per the diet chart.

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We love to hear from you. Tell us some other ways in which your dog can help you lose weight, or you and your pet can get back in shape together through comments below.

Yeah, Why Not

Definitely! My dog has helped me lose weight. It is the best choice of my life. I can never think of my life without its existence. My day begins with its licks. It acts as my alarm clock and wakes me up every morning. We, then we go out for a morning walk and help each other to stay fit. My little furry friend doesn’t let me exercise any unhealthy activity. If I want to skip my healthy routine, it pulls me back. My dog is my life line to being healthy and my absolute weight-reducer. 

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