How to extinguish house fire?

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How to extinguish house fire?

Fire is unpredictable. It is one of a dangerous accident that could happen at your home.

It could cause injury or death. Many people panic when they see the fire burning. They just run around.

Here is how to fight different fires -

  1. Electric fire - Switch off the appliance. Unplug the wire. Smother the fire with a blanket. Never pour water on the appliance.
  2. Fire from the cooking pan - Shut off the stove. Smother pan with a lid. You can also smother with a blanket. Throw baking soda on the fire.
  3. Leaking gas - Do not light fire, if you smell gas leakage. Even a small spark can cause fire explosion.

# Maintain your electrical appliances regularly.

# Keep fire extinguishers readily available and be familiar with the operation. Keep them tested regularly.

Fire extinguisher ratings are - 

A Class - Ordinary combustible solids like paper, wood and plastic.

B class - Combustible liquids. Example - Kerosene, gasoline.

C class - Electrical components.

Class D - extinguishers are for metals.

Class K is designed for commercial kitchens.

# If your house is on fire, try to extinguish the fire by pouring water.

# Be prepared to evacuate the area. If there is too much smoke, cover your nose with a wet cloth.

# Most importantly Call the fire department immediately.

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