Ways to teach children social skills

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Ways to teach children social skills

Parenting is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world.

And like every other job, parenting also has an effort-reward relationship. Parenting is dreadful for some and enjoyable for others, which is again purely subjective. Admittedly, dealing with children isn’t easy, especially teaching them new things. But therein lies the beauty of parenthood.

These are some of the important social skills that children are required to develop while growing up:

  1. Listening to others
  2. Following the steps
  3. Obeying the rules
  4. Ignoring distractions
  5. Asking for help
  6. Taking turns
  7. Getting along with others
  8. Be responsible for your behaviour

So how do you go about teaching them to children? Here are a few ways that can be considered as guidelines.

  • Q&A

Make your conversations with children interactive, more like a question and answer pattern. Some children are extremely talkative, others are on the quieter side. However, by having a Q&A style to your conversation allows you figure out if the child is listening to your words, following them and responding accordingly.

  • Roleplaying

You can sharpen your child’s social skills with the help of roleplay games. Role-plays can be scripted or sometimes impromptu. You may role-play your child’s favourite cartoon characters, so that he/she may relate to them and be engrossed in the activity.


  • Taking Turns

Teaching children to take turns while speaking during conversations and other activities like playing games, instils the skills to obey rules and keep hyperactivity in check. You teach your kids to say, “my turn” or “your turn” while taking turns. And you can teach “time-out” exercises that need the child to wait while they await their turn.

  • Pictures Of Emotional Faces

    Draw pictures of emotions. Teach your child to identify these emotions, and also to react according to them. For effective results, make sure that the exercise comes across as game to keep the keep the child involved.

  • Play Dates


Organize play dates with your child’s schoolmates and children from your locality. Play charade games with your child. Charades condition children to be attentive and get involved. You can arrange group games that enable children to play with each other. Encourage team-based sporting activities.

  • Socialize With Family & Friends

    Meet your family and friends who have children. Often children interact with their own age group. Invite them over to your place. Your child will be most comfortable to interact at home. Meeting more people will enhance your child’s social skills.

Social skills are extremely important for your child’s overall development. And it's up to the parents to facilitate the inculcation of these skills.

Opinions (2)

Social skills are build in children from the beginning. The way we bring up the child in future he/she develops those skills & becomes the same. So its true.


definitely, we can develop them because we make a society and we play different roles around the children so they are suppose to learn from us.

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