What Does ISO Mean?

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What Does ISO Mean?

ISO is something that you must come across every single day of your life but did you know the meaning of it and what does ISO stand for?

Well, from this day forward, you don’t have to use Google every time you need to recall the meaning of the three letters as everything you need to know about it has been explained in detail below. Just keep reading.

What Does ISO Mean?

What most people believe in is that ISO stands for International Standards Organization, which publishes international standards for products and services. However, the actual name of the organization is International Organization for Standardization, and therefore, the acronym, IOS, is also often used to denote it. Since it is a global body, it is referred to by different names in different languages. For instance, while the most of the English-speaking world refers to it as ISO, the Swiss acronym for it is IOS. In case you are spending your time in France, then you will have to call it OIN, which is short for Organisation Internationale de Normalization.

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What Exactly Is ISO?

ISO, or International Organization for Standardization, is a global federation of national standard bodies. At present, it has 163 members, each of which is a representative of a national standardization body. The primary objective of ISO is to promote and encourage the development of standardization and related activities and help in facilitating an exchange of goods and services between different nations. It also acts to develop cooperation in intellectual, technological, scientific and economic activities.

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How ISO works?

How ISO works is it sets specifications for services, products, and systems to ensure safety, quality and efficiency. It has published more than 21,700 International Standards and other related documents that set standards for almost every industry, such as food safety, agriculture, technology and health care. In case you are wondering what does ISO approved mean on the products you purchase from the mall, it declares that the product or service has been manufactured as per the International standards set by the body. This standardization facilitates the trading of goods and services between the various nations of the world.

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You might be amused to know that ISO can have more than one meaning depending on the genre or the field. For instance, if you ask sports scientist, they may say that it refers to Isolated Power, which originates as a batter’s ability to hit the ball in baseball. A photographer may say that it is the measure of the sensitivity of a camera sensor towards the light. ISO also have their owning meaning in organic chemistry. In this field, the three letters indicate that all carbons in a molecule, except for one, is forming a continuous chain. Therefore, ISO can have different meanings depending on the field of work. Furthermore, if you come across ISO while chatting over the internet, it might be an acronym for “In Search Of”.

So, can you now answer “what does ISO mean” if someone asks you? Before you go, spend a few seconds casting in the poll we have created for you and leaving your comments about the standardization in the section below.

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