What does Asexual mean?

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What does Asexual mean?

A person not interested in having sexual activities either in or out of a relationship is said to be asexual. An asexual will not desire any sexual intimacy. It is not a decision or act of the will of a person. Asexuality is way different from celibacy.

Though, asexuality does not bind a person to be emotionally involved or dependent on someone. They are undoubtedly capable of caring, loving, being affectionate or romantic to others. As far as emotional needs are concerned, they have it as similar as to another human being. It is claimed that there are almost 1-2% of asexual people in the world.

It is not mandatory that asexual people cannot seek for or date sexual people. Their level of closeness, communication, fun, and excitement is the same as the usual relationships in sexual people. Although, a non-sexual relationship can be a bit challenging because of the obvious reasons. A bond free from sexual desires can end up being a more genuine and grounded relationship.

Misunderstood Orientation

Society often misunderstands the definition of this term. They think asexual people are either celibate monks or genderless robots. However, asexuality is not any of the below things in particular:

#1. It is not an identity of gender.

#2. Asexuality is not any sort of disorder that can be healed or diagnosed.

#3. It is not celibacy or a will based decision.

#4. Asexual people are born that way. It was not their choice to become a certain way.

#5. Asexuality is not a disease, or they don’t fear from any sexual relationship.

Only Attraction, No Action

Most of the asexual people do experience attraction towards some people. However, feel no desire to act that attraction out sexually. They usually desire to keep their relationships platonic or romantic to differentiate them from the sexual relationship. Sexual arousals for the asexual people are not an impossible thing to happen. They may feel sexually aroused in a regular occurrence, but it is not associated with their desire for intimacy with their partners.

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How Can You Figure Out Asexuality?

If you or anyone around you are suspicious about your sexual interests, you need to go through this questionnaire.

#1. Are you mostly not interested in sex?

#2. Do you feel disinterested when someone talks to you about sexual activity?

#3. Is your interest in intimacy is scientific, rather than emotional?

#4. Even you had intercourse, do you feel that experience is boring or dull?

#5. Do you have to forcefully indulge into sexual activities because that is what everyone else is doing?

There is no litmus test to discover someone’s sexuality. However, it is a way to seek an identity if you feel you are different from the others lot. If any other questions pop up in your head regarding asexuality, feel free to get in touch with us.

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