What does ROFL mean?

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What does ROFL mean?

With the rise of smartphones, there are so many new things that have become a part of our regular everyday communication. It has not only made communicating with our loved ones easy but also fast. One such aspect of our communications through smart phones is the use of abbreviations.

The use of abbreviations may be very useful to some and may prove to be a challenge to many. The main aim is to shorten the time taken up by typing during conversations by text messages. Using multiple numbers of acronyms helps us to communicate the same thing in a very less amount of time, in comparison to what it may have taken if we took to communicating through long sentences. Irrespective of the above benefits, using abbreviations on a regular basis and doing so effectively requires us to have a certain amount of knowledge of the correct meanings of these acronyms. This is exactly where it gets challenging, and becomes a problem for many. Are you facing the same kind of problem? Do you often find it difficult to comprehend what a lot of your friend's messages mean?

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Down below is the complete meaning of one such abbreviation ’ROFL.' This is one of the most commonly used abbreviations. You can use it in the following ways.

What Does ROFL Mean?

ROFL means 'rolling on the floor laughing.' It is generally used to indicate the fact that you found something so very funny that you could not control your laughter, and as a result of that, you are rolling on the floor laughing. It can be used as all the letters in upper case or even all the letters in lower case. For example: ‘ROFL’ and ‘rofl’ both are equally used and understood.

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Examples Of How To Use It

#1. Person 1: “God that was so funny, you just made me spill water all over my table.”

Person 2: “ROFL, you should never eat or drink anything while Meghan is telling her dating stories.”

#2. Person 1: (Cracks a joke of some kind)

Person 2: “Rofl, hahahaha….”

You can choose to use this abbreviation for all your casual conversations, whenever you feel like laughing or find anything funny. Please keep in mind one thing, this is for casual conversations and aimed to help you increase your speed while you are thumb texting. So you do not need to insert dots in between, for example, R.O.F.L, this is simply taking up more time and defeat the purpose of using acronyms.

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