What does IMO mean?

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What does IMO mean?

Are you still not familiar with the correct meanings of the elaborately used acronyms? Finding yourself lost each time a friend text you using multiple abbreviations in it? Or is it just not your thing to keep searching for the elaborate meanings of these acronyms?

We do need to understand the fact that adjusting to the use of too many abbreviations can get a little annoying. But, there are some of them of them that are very easy to remember and very often used. You may not be willing to devote time for remembering a bunch of them, but you sure can keep in mind a few very often used once. Do remember the fact that the use of abbreviations is for helping you to maintain your speed while you are thumb texting. This is not to cause inconvenience, but to actually make things more convenient and less time-consuming. With a tiny bit of effort, you can use abbreviations to your advantage.

One such acronym is IMO. Have you come across this acronym? Still looking for what it means and where exactly you can use them? Down below are the details related to this awesome acronym.

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What Is The Meaning Of IMO?

The meaning of ‘IMO’ is ‘in my opinion.' What you convey by using this includes what your opinion is regarding something. If you wish to express what your opinion is regarding a particular topic or during a particular discussion, you can use ‘IMO.' In case you are discussing something with your partner or even parents, through text messages and you wish to convey your opinion to them, you can simply use ‘IMO’ and go ahead with your point. This is one of the most widely used acronyms and one with a simple meaning.

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How Can You Use IMO?

Some examples of the uses of the acronym are.

#1. Person A: “What do you think about this dress?”

Person B: “IMO this is too bright for wearing it in the morning.”

#2. Person A: “This is your decision, but IMO you should give it a try!”

Person B: “Okay I will take your opinion into account.”

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Please keep in mind the fact that you do not need to insert any dots in between the entire acronym. Don’t write it as I.M.O, keep it 'IMO' or even 'imo' are both equally acceptable and used. You will end up wasting time by inserting dots, which defeats the purpose of using acronyms.

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