What does HML mean?

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What does HML mean?

HML may not be as popular an acronym as others like HMU or BAE, but still, it is seen now and then on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. If you are looking for the meaning of HML and want to learn how and when it is used, then you are on the right page.

Let us start by saying that there are more than one meanings of the acronym and what it means depends on the conversation in which it is being used. HML can stand for the following two phrases.

#1. Hate My Life

'Hate My Life' is perhaps the most popular usage of HML. Remember how people always drop ‘#HML’ in their tweets and posts while talking about an unpleasant thing that had happened to them or a bad situation they may have been stuck in? That is when HML means ‘Hate My Life.' You can consider it an alternative to FML, which stands for ‘F*** My Life.' It is also the opposite of LML, which means ‘Love My Life’ and is used when something quite pleasant or good has happened to you.

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#2. Hit My Line

HML can also mean 'Hit My Line, ' and it translates into ‘call me.' It is used in this regard when two people who are chatting feel that it would be better if they talked on the phone. As you may have already guessed, the word ‘line’ here refers to the phone of the speaker and by ‘hitting it’ the speaker is asking the other person to call it. It’s a hip way of telling someone that you will be waiting for their call.

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So, now you know what does HML mean and when it is used. Would you like to learn the meanings and usage of other popular internet acronyms like AF, OTP  and HMU? Share your opinions and thoughts about the post with us through your comments in the box below.

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