What does AF mean?

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What does AF mean?

If you are active on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you must have come across the abbreviation, ‘AF’ and wondered what AF means in slang. Well, to say the least, it is one of the trending slangs these days that is become a part of the internet lingo in no time.

If you still don’t know its meaning, then you have come to the right place as we have all the information you need right here. But, let us warn you beforehand that it is not a polite word and some of you might even find it rude. If you still wish to know what it actually means, all you have to do is keep reading.

What Does AF Stand For?

AF stands for As F***. In almost all cases it is used, it follows an adjective in order to exaggerate or emphasize on its meaning. In the past some time, AF slang has become quite popular, with teens and young adults using it practically all the time.

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Here are some examples that will help you understand its usage better.

#1. I’m bored AF, HMU .

#2. The night was cold AF.

#3. The girl was sexy AF.

#4. The movie was funny AF, I almost died laughing.

#5. My brother is lazy AF, I have to do all the house chores.

Do you get the idea now?

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When To Use It And When Not?

Since the acronym translates into something vulgar or impolite, most would say never to use it. Also, you wouldn’t want to use it if you wish to keep things professional and maintain a reputation. In addition to that, also keep in mind that no one likes to see F-bombs dropping for no reason.

So, now you are updated on the internet lingo. Learn about other text and chat slangs like BAE and LML here. Tell us what you think about the article through your comments below. We would also like to know what other popular internet acronyms and slangs do you use on the social media.

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