What does Revenant mean?

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What does Revenant mean?

Fans of Leonardo DiCaprio can finally rejoice as the moment they had long awaited has finally come to all thanks to The Revenant. Who would have thought that being mauled by a bear could really reap such good benefits for the talented actor?

Undoubtedly the wait for the famed Oscar was a bit too long for Leo, but he finally managed it. Though there is one doubt that still remains in the minds of people and that is ‘what does revenant mean’?

Meaning Of Revenant 

Some really brilliant movies have a name that is really difficult to pronounce or make sense of and one wonders why would the director would go for such obscure names. Though revenant is probably not an everyday word, its usage as the title of the movie makes complete sense. The definition of ‘revenant’ is a person who has returned especially from the dead. The term ‘revenant’ comes from the French word 'revenir' which quite literally means to return. While this may mean a very creepy return from the dead kind of a thing but it also can simply allude to come back after a long absence. 

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What Is Revenant?

The movie which features Leonardo is bloody and gruesome, after all being mauled by a bear is by no means a comfortable experience. The handsome actor had done everything from getting frozen to death to getting shot by Jamie Foxx to win the prestigious Academy award but all in vain. Finally, ‘The Revenant’ happened and like they say the rest is history. It is strange that Leonardo’s first ever famous movie was based on real-life events and made him the famous Jack Dawson for people across the globe and 'The Revenant', which too is based on a true-life account got him an Oscar. You would be shocked to know that the incidents of the movie really happened to one Hugh Glass, who was a frontiersman and worked in the upper Missouri river area during the early years of the 19th century. He was attacked and mauled by a grizzly bear in 1823 during a fur trading expedition.

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In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio is left to die after a bear attacked him. He comes from the dead, symbolically to avenge the betrayal done to him. This is also what 'Revenant' stands for and why the title goes beautifully well with the movie. The other very notable actor in the movie is none other than Tom Hardy who is one on the target list of Leo in the movie. The movie is undoubtedly not for the faint hearted as it is very heavy on violence. Hugh Glass’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) journey from being attacked by natives tribes, to getting mauled by a bear and buried alive by his group members are shown in grim detailing.

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Did you like the movie 'The Revenant' and were you also rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio to win the Oscar? Use the comment box below tell us about your favorite Leonardo movie. 

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