What does TTYL mean?

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What does TTYL mean?

Are not very familiar with texting language? Did you ever happen to receive texts that you are unable to interpret because of the texting language used in it?

With the rise of the smartphone and the crazy use of abbreviations and texting, language is around the globe. It becomes essential to have at least the basic knowledge about these abbreviations that are commonly used. If you are looking for the meaning of ‘TTYL’ then you are at the very right place.

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What Does TTYL Mean?

The full form of ‘TTYL’ talk to you later. Often used while texting people. It is also used on social networking sites. When you wish to tell someone that you will have a word with them later regarding some topic then you can use TTYL. It can also be used to let someone know that you will need to leave the conversation due to some other essential engagement, but you will surely have a word with them later. For a casual conversation, it can mean anything ranging from simply the fact that you will get in touch with a person later to you will talk to your friend again when you have time.

When you are using them you can write them all in uppercase or all of them in lowercase. It can be used as ‘TTYL’ or even ‘ttyl’. Both of these versions are equally accepted and understood.

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Some Examples Of Using TTYL

#1. Person 1: “I need to go mom is already here”

        Person 2: “Okay cool, TTYL!”

#2. Person 1: “I will have to give this a thought; can we talk in some time?”

        Person 2: “sure, ttyl”

It is important to remember that these abbreviations are used to have a good speed when we do thumb typing. So remember not to use dots in between the letters. For example: do not write T.T.Y.L, just leave it to TTYL or ttyl. This will simply take up a lot more time and defeat the actual purpose of using these abbreviations.

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