What does HMU mean?

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What does HMU mean?

“I am bored, hmu!”

Confused? Do you know what it means? HMU is the new trending slang on the internet which has gone viral in no time. With the massive popularity of the slang word, it is about time that you ditch your old “ping me” and “call me” and use ‘hmu’ instead to raise the ‘cool quotient.'

What Is The Meaning Of HMU?

HMU is an acronym that stands for “Hit Me Up.” It is mostly used as an abbreviation while texting or as an internet slang to convey to the person that they can contact you via email or phone. Since it is used as slang, there is no perfect definition of the word.

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Just like many other Internet expressions, 'hmu' too is a part of the online chatting culture. This customization of language and speech has been introduced in the web world to bridge the gaps between different groups and communities to bring them together under a single head of slangs and message language. Use of slang accelerates the process of communication, and one doesn’t require much effort to befriend strangers.

Because it is mostly used in an informal setup, 'HMU' can be written in the lower cases as “hmu.” It means the same irrespective of being written in upper or lower cases. Although the whole word written in the upper case may give a rude impression, so use your keypads wisely.

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‘Hit me up’ is usually used in the vernacular spoken English to express that someone has made a request. This request could be in monetary terms or favor. Mostly, while using it during texting, it can be used to express a request just to contact someone or get in touch with them via text, email or call. It does not necessarily have to be a monetary favor.

Few of the examples that use ‘hmu’ correctly are; “HMU when you are back from vacation,” or John keeps ‘hitting me up’ for small loans or 'hmu for the tickets, they are lying in my cupboard'.

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Considering 'hmu’s' popularity on social media, let’s not forget that it has been used differently in other fields as well. They might not have gained much popularity but does have significance there too.

NASA uses 'hmu' for Hydromechanical Control Unit; the transportation department uses it for Height Monitoring Unit, the military has been using it for Helmet Mounted Unit or Hydromechanical Unit, and the Toronto stock exchange uses the acronym for Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Global Base Metals TM Bull plus ETF.

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