Do you think parents today have less time for their children?

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Do you think parents today have less time for their children?

Families are usually close knitted and a picturesque of love, care, comfort, homely and cuddly. The parents-children relationship plays an important role in determining a home where one’s heart is. Ideally, there would be mutual support and respect and hold a bond of forgiveness and acceptance. 

When one looks through the family albums and sees the early family photos, one becomes reflective, and all the memories rush in. The faces of loved ones in the family album certainly remind that there is a lot of living ahead in spite of the ups and downs. But there has been a shift lately has the world evolve into the hi-tech world as the ideal parents-children relationship faces the threat.

With the demands of the rising standard of living and change of family view, one can see that parents are spending less time with their children. The techno evolvement of the mobile phone, tablets, laptops is killing the quality time of families. Everyone is diving in the screens and talks are becoming lesser, and communication gap is increasing. Some families are slipping away from its ideality. 

The modern working parents have lesser time for their children. Most of the families are in the precarious state emotionally and financially. Some parents subconsciously reject the child depending on its sex, preferences, expectations and temperament. The growing culture of Parent-substitute in the form of caretakers; nanny and another person also pose the threat. But no family is perfect neither exists, perfect parents and perfect children. 

This issue of parents having less time for children is growing rapidly, and its impact is in many ways taking its toll on the children and its surrounding. The rise of child crime, child pornography and harmful attitudes, broken families and lifestyle are alarming. Less quality time leads to less monitoring and lesser assurance of love and care. It is, therefore, important to understand this parents-children relationship to develop more quality time for children by their parents. This relationship consists of the important combination of behaviors, feelings and involves the extent of a child’s development. Its quality is in some ways affected by parent’s age, experience, the stability of parent’s marriage.

Children who are loved are seen to thrive better than those who are not. Parents are the primary caregiver of this love relationship. Socialization and psychological development are dimensions of the parents-children relationship. Parents need to adapt to their babies, provide security, assurance, nurturance and meet their needs. Their responsiveness to their children in larger extent determines the children’s outlook and personality development. 

Maintaining and development of consistency, honesty and conflict-resolution are also key factors for establishing healthy individual and relationship. So, parents have the blessed privilege and solemn responsibility to bring up the children with love, care, affection and principles for a better society tomorrow. It is better to trust one’s parenting skill, respect their child, appreciate their creativity and own individualism, make the child the priority and most importantly spend and share more time.

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