The experience of having your first child

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The experience of having your first child

The Experience of Having Your First Child

 The experience of having the first child is inexplicable. It is just wonderful in itself. It makes a complete gestalt of the motherhood. Yet it can be divided into two phases:

I Phase : Before the Birth of the baby

The moment you come to know you are pregnant; it seems like a paradise on the earth. The earth becomes colorful. You meet new hopes. You are on top of the world. Your body seems weightless. You seem to be flying in the sky. You start smiling to yourself. You carry this ‘Monalisa smile’ wherever you go. You cannot explain easily the reason for your smile. The tiny living thing inside your womb becomes your whole world. You just forget the world around you as if it did not exist. All your fears, joys and worries hover around the little creature taking shape inside you. Nothing can explain your fears. You eat, you drink, you sleep even you start dressing up for the child as if it were watching you.

If anything interrupts your routines you get annoyed. Nothing can come between you and your baby. You become regular in your routines; you become punctual in eating food and taking medicines. You hold your head high as if you have won some battle. All your activities are connected to the baby, you do shopping for your future baby, you start planning the wardrobe, toys, names, colors of the room, pram, and so on. You wish to get the best for your child. You want to scream and tell every movement the baby makes inside your body to the world.

The life becomes meaningful. You start taking seriously the advice given to you. Nobody except your mother and your doctor can settle down your queries.

II Phase : After the birth of the baby

The nine months seems to be nine years.


The first cry seems to make your heart start throbbing to life. The moment you feel the first touch of your baby you cannot stop crying. The tiny living thing is just wonderful. It is the most beautiful object on the world. It is very difficult to remove your eyes from it. You try to memorize each and every movement of the body.

You become curious to know what others have to say about your baby. You wait to listen all good things for it. your baby is the most beautiful one on the planet.


Your routines now shift to comfort the baby. You skip your meals, your sleep, and your daily routines to meet the needs of the child. The child becomes the center of your attraction. Nothing can satisfy you, except the smile on the face your baby or the sight of it in profound, and peaceful sleep. The child becomes the topic of your gossip. And it remains your world until your last breath.

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it was just a miracle

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