Top 10 Calcium rich foods for bones

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Top 10 Calcium rich foods for bones

Adequate and appropriate nutrition is the sole essence that not only keeps our body functioning but also keeps us healthy.

Our body has several nutritional needs and the prime amongst these is the calcium.

Calcium, primarily helps in maintaining the structure of our body, the bones and the teeth. Apart from it, it also helps clotting of blood, proper transmission of nerve signals, muscle contraction and secretion of specific hormones. Thus, one can understand that the deficiency of calcium could be too troublesome for our body to handle.

In order prevent the occurrence of such a situation, intake of calcium rich foods becomes imperative and the foods enlisted below provide the body with the optimal amounts of calcium needed for proper functioning.

Daily Calcium Requirement = 1000 mg

Milk and Milk Products: Milk is known by all and consumed by all, whether one may like it or not, milk surely is the primary source of calcium in our diet and provides approximately one fourth of the calcium required by our body.

1 cup of Milk = 300 milligrams of Calcium

Leafy Green Vegetables: Another food kind not like by many, but indeed a great source of calcium, apart from milk. The only exception to this group is spinach, which prevent the absorption of calcium.

100 grams of Green Veggies =  30 mg to 100 mg of Calcium

Almonds: Almonds are the powerhouse of calcium which not only help in building strong bones but also boost the growth and development of brain.

1 cup of Almonds = 500 mg of Calcium

Soy Milk: Soy milk is a great substitute to milk, especially for the lactose intolerant individuals. Though, the amount of calcium is not equivalent to that of milk but it surely provides basic calcium nutrition.

1 cup of Soy Milk= 60 mg of Calcium

Figs: Figs are an indulgent category of fruits which not only possesses a great taste but also great amounts of calcium. Its benefits are not only confined to calcium, but also, potassium, magnesium and fiber. Thus, this single fruit benefits the entire body.

1 cup Dried Figs= 250 mg of Calcium

Fish: Fish are also a rich source of calcium and noteworthy of all are, sardines. The amounts of calcium from these is much greater than their greener counterparts.

1 cup of Sardines = 550 mg of Calcium

Poppy Seeds: Seeds of all sorts are a great source of nutrition, but the poppy seeds possess exceptionally high calcium content. Apart from calcium, these also provide proteins and omega 3 fatty acids.

1 tablespoon Poppy seeds= 120 mg

Beans and Pulses: These leguminous foods are a rich source of proteins and micronutrients, but they also constitute fair amount calcium.

1 cup Beans/Pulses= 240 mg

Oranges: Oranges are an immunity boosting citrus fruit, which also possesses a negative calorie count, loads of antioxidants and decent amount of calcium. It is a food which not only has great taste but also abundant health benefits.

1 large Orange= 70 mg

Fortified food items: Cereals and the grain based foods, like crackers, breads, tortillas, etc, are fortified with calcium. The amounts of calcium provided by these foods is approximately equal to the daily requirement of calcium by an individual. Thus, it becomes necessary that these should be consumed in optimal proportions.

1 Cup of Fortified foods= 1000 mg

The calcium nutrition from above foods, not only maintains health bones, but also prevents cancer and manages the blood pressure and weight. So, go ahead and munch on.

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