Have we found the '8th Continent'?

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Have we found the '8th Continent'?

There is an whole, submerged and unrecognized continent that has been hiding until now, according to researchers and scientists.
It's called Zealandia.

It meets all the criteria that are required to make itself categorized in the group of continent. It is sitting on top of the geological entity.

In a paper published in Geological Society of America's journal, it states that Zealandia is 94% under water and measures 5 million sq. km which is about two thirds of neighboring Australia.

According to the new paper, it is made up of total 3 landmasses : New Caledonia to the north & New Zealand's north and south islands.

Though it meets all the possibility that are satisfied by existing seven continents, Do you feel Zealandia can be considered as the 8th continent ?


Yes it seems the Earth has found its 8th continent. As the characteristics of Zealandia are similar to that of other 7 continents in the world, we can agree to it that it can be considered as the 8th continent of the world. 

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