What do different religions say about Afterlife?

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What do different religions say about Afterlife?

The life after life is still remaining a topic of mysteries for us. Science is completely unable to describe this fact. There are some religion that describes some hypothetical theories about an afterlife. Let's discuss what different religious books of different religion say about the afterlife.

As per Hindu religion, the soul after death leave the physical body and take re-birth in another newborn baby. This is called reincarnation. The reincarnation is not guaranteed of a human birth. It can be any creatures in this world. The soul can only get rid out from reincarnation when reached at the level of Moksha.

On the other hand, Christian religion declines the reincarnation theory. As per Bible God has created a separate soul for different creatures. So human soul can only take human birth and not any other creature. Bible describes afterlife that we have two types of body one is our physical body another one is our spiritual body or the soul. Afterlife physical body destroy and soul return back to its origin of God.

In Islam, the afterlife life story is interesting and controversial. Quran believes in rebirth but after the judgment day. It never says that it is a reincarnation. According to Quran afterlife, physical body destroy and spirits return to Barzakh where the judgment made by the Allah calculating the good and bad did by the spirit when alive.

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