Why do you think religion is important in our lives

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Why do you think religion is important in our lives

The first question that is coming to your mind while reading the heading is ‘Is religion really important’? The clear answer to this according to me is ‘YES’. I’m not talking about any particular religion or any particular country, but the whole world as one. The religion plays a very important role in each one of our lives and you may not even know the importance of religion. Despite all the violence and fights, I do believe that religion does not teach us to fight or to be against each other. Above all, religion teaches us humanity.

Let us discuss this in detail but for that, we first need to know the correct definition of religion. Religion is basically the service and worship of the god or the supernatural power. Every religion is having its own unique way of worshipping and showing their devotion to God.

Following are the main reasons for which we require religion in our lives:

1) Teaches us principles of morality: There are many principles of morality which every child needs to learn such as honesty, justice, brotherhood, humanity, helpful, integrity and a lot more. I’m not saying that you cannot learn these things without religion but somehow these are directly or indirectly related to religion. We fail to find the true meaning of these qualities without religion. Only the existence of religion provides us with the faith in the supreme power and this faith only teach us that all humans are to be treated equally.

2) Provide power to face difficulties: Religion provides us with the power to face the adversities that are coming in our life. Think of a religious person, with full faith in God will always find an inner strength inside himself to fight against all the negativities around him. The religious person is always having a faith in God and he always believes that God is always with him and no matter what; he will come out of every difficulty in his life.

3) Lessons of ideology: All of us are having different ideologies our lives. Some are having a good ideology and others are having bad ideologies. Religion helps us to stay away from the wrong ideologies and believe in true values. So it is clear that if we understand the true meaning of religion, it is definitely going to help in long term.

4) Fight against discrimination: No religion in this world teaches us to discriminate amongst each other. According to the ideologies of every religion, all men are creatures of God and there is no caste, no color and no language discrimination. In spite of all these ideologies, there is a correct guidance which is required. Otherwise, it may have negative impacts such as superstitions. It all depends on the individual in which direction he wants to think.

5) Religion and freedom: According to most of the people, religion snatches our freedom and doesn’t allow us to do whatever we want. But it is a major misconception as a religion only protects us from the unwanted elements and negative energies. Here the focus must be on the actual meaning of freedom. The freedom in actual sense is that people should be able to do whatever is beneficial to them and the society without harming anyone else. Knowing the real definition of freedom, I think religion gives us full freedom to think and be the best.

6) Belief in God: This is the biggest point that goes in favor of the religion. Who forces you to believe that God exists? Who in this world tells you to have faith in God instead of being materialistic? Right from the childhood, we are taught to worship God, to have fear of god and to have faith in God. This faith in God is the only thing that keeps you going during the tough times. We don’t even realize how many things in our real life are directly related to religion directly or indirectly.

Conclusion: If we have the real knowledge of the lessons taught by religion, then it will take us on the right path. But if have the partial knowledge, then it may lead to very serious outcomes. The outcomes we are observing such as terrorism, violence in the name of religion are all result of this partial knowledge. This interpretation of religion which is leading to wrong outcomes is totally unacceptable and such people are the black spots on the name of religion. No religion in this world teaches us to kill someone or to harm anyone. So it is compulsory to have the correct knowledge of religion and to have faith in God. God will never forgive all those who perform such unacceptable things in the name of God. So live peacefully and let other live as religion teaches us to be good and do well.

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