What Atheist think about God?

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What Atheist think about God?

No matter which part of the world you go to, you’ll always find people who have faith in that one supreme power that rules the world.

Religion stems from this belief that people have in that supreme power; in God. But, some people disagree and advocate that God doesn’t exist.

Atheists need no introduction. They are people who don’t believe in the concept of God. But, why don’t atheists believe in God? And if they don’t, what do atheists believe in then? In this article, we discuss what atheism is, what some atheist beliefs are, and above all, why atheists don’t believe in God. Take a look:

What Is Atheism?

Like we discussed above, atheism is the disbelief in God. Atheists feel that there is no reliable evidence in the world that could prove the existence of Gods, and there is perhaps no phenomena that can’t be explained by virtue of science.

Like they say, a coin has two sides, and religion can’t be spared from it. But, what do atheists think about God, and why don’t they believe in the existence of God? Let’s take a look at some major reasons that atheists advocate.

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Reasons Why Atheists Don’t Believe In Gods

There are several reasons that atheists have a lack of belief in the existence of Gods. Some of them are:

#1. Contradictions In Characteristics

People, who trust God, portray them as perfect beings. But, in their description of God, it is hard always to find coherency. Theists attribute certain characteristics to Gods that often seem impossible. It is this bizarre and unbelievable notion of Gods that theists present, that further makes atheist’s’ disbelief in them even stronger.

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#2. If There Is A God, Why Is There Evil?

Let’s go back to the aftermaths of the Second World War when a new genre of literature- existentialism- was born. People started questioning the relevance of religions and Gods, stating that if Gods are such holy beings, why did something as horrific as the World War even happen at the first place? Why is there so much hatred in the world, why are women being raped by the hundreds? Atheists believe that if there had been a God like theists often describe, there wouldn’t have been a place for these evils to survive.

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#3. There Are So Many Gods, Which One Should You Believe?

There seems to be an apparent contradiction within a religion and across religions in terms of beliefs. For instance, in Hindu mythology, there are hundreds and thousands of Gods, and their believers have different notions of living life differently. If there are so many ‘options’ of Gods to choose from, how do people know which God is the supreme of all? More than that, the Holy Scriptures that different religions preach condemns the other religions in one way or the other. For atheists, religion remains something that was created by the first men.

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#4. Science Can Explain Everything,  Religion Can’t

This is one major reason why atheists don’t believe in the existence of Gods. To understand this, we have to go to the pre-Darwin era when people believed the world to be a creation of God. However, as science evolved, the world knew that it was due to the interaction of different chemical molecules that genesis of life became possible. Further, theists advocated that women stemmed from one rib of men, but science later proved that, it was done just to be a part of human evolution.

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In short, there is no phenomenon in the world that science can’t explain. For atheists, religion and faith are unreliable as they blind people of rationality and wisdom and stops them from embracing the changing world.

So, there you have it. Do you think God exists? Let us know in the comments below.

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