What is the origin of God if He exists?

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What is the origin of God if He exists?

Does God exist? If yes? Where does he live? Why not are we able to see him, touch him? There are so many unsolved questions regarding God. But still, the real God is a mystery to us. As per spiritual leaders, We cannot touch or see God. Only we can feel him through our soul. Our physical body also cannot feel him. What they are trying to say is highly misunderstood in general.

On the other hand, science completely denies the topics by saying there is no one like God. In the meantime, science has admitted that there are 95% of dark matters which are yet to be discovered by the science. We only know about the 5% of matter which is visible to our eyes and by some scientific equipment we use.

There are 100% possibilities that God may be made up of any material from those unknown dark materials. The word of spiritual leader may be true and our soul can be able to feel God due to the presence of dark matter in our soul.

There is another possibility of the origin of God which can be found in a different dimension. Scientists say there may be possibilities of the presence of 10 dimensions in our universe. And God could be living in the highest dimension of this Universe for better control over the world.

it is a opnion. of some one person...

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