Do you believe in angels?

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Do you believe in angels?
  • Angels do exist in this universe. Miracles in life don’t happen just like that you know. There are angels and demons in this world. Angels are from the light and demons are of the darkness. It is said that angels existed from before the beginning of the universe. The word "angel" origins from the Greek word "anglos," which means "messenger" in Hebrew. They are supernatural and real. They are with us from our birth to death. It is said that everyone has a Guardian Angel. An angel is depicted as wearing white and having flawless wings. But nobody has seen the true form of an angel. The idea of angels even depicts enigma, mystic, and upright.

  • In times past we see how angels came as messengers to deliver a message from God or how they came as destroyers of an evil land. Today there are not much-seen cases but we often feel their presence. There are many forms which an angel takes, as a glowing light or a person or an aura. The Bible gives many instances of how angels came and spoke with people. In the New Testament, an angel named Gabriel came to Mary. A group of angels came before the shepherds to tell them about the birth of Christ. An angel led Peter out of prison and in many other incidents angels came as messengers, to deliver the Word of God. Their abode is Heaven, but they come to us when help is needed.

  • Everyone has his or her guardian angel, who guides people throughout their life. They protect us from many troubles. There are tales of how the angels take our prayers to Heaven. In cartoons, we see how when a person is in a dilemma, the angels come to tell him what to do. There is one red evil angel and a good white angel. Both give their opinion while the person ponders. The Demons were once angels, but due to their pride they were thrown down to the Earth; they were the followers of Satan, who was once an angel.

  • Angels always protect us. I’m reminded of a tale when talking about angels. There was once a man who badly wanted to buy a house. He searched in many places in vain. He prayed about it and searched on. Once as he was coming back from a remote area on a highway, some thieves stopped his car. As soon as the car came to a stop, the thieves seemed terrified and they ran away. The man did not know what ensued. The news spread wide and a friend of the man came and told him how the thieves did not attack him. They had seen strange white beings in his car. The man then realized how God had sent His angels to protect him.

  • Thus, angels do protect and they exist in Heaven. They come and go when they are wanted. Hence, when a miracle happens to you, remember the angels. They protect, guide and help us whenever necessary.

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