Do you believe in God? Why or why not?

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Do you believe in God? Why or why not?

Belief in God, in other words, the existence of God, is a matter of thought-provoking controversy. For thousands of years, a long list of philosophers and scientists have been proposing their opinions for the existence and against the existence of God. The belief in the existence of God is not a subject which can be proved by demonstration, and on the contrary, it purely relies on sheer faith alone.

Scientists are of the belief that our Universe came into existence with a massive explosion of energy and light. How did this exposition take place? The formation, after the explosion, coupled with the complex nature of our Universe clearly points towards a cleverly planned designer who created the Universe and made it possible for the sustainability of the same. The size and the placement of earth are achieved to total perfection with the correct proportion of nitrogen and oxygen gasses, and it is the only planet where human and animal life was possible.

The distance of the Earth from the Sun was another miracle: Little closer to Sun the Earth will not be able to tolerate the heat and everything will be burnt, and a little further away from the Sun, the Earth will then be totally frozen. The earth rotates around the sun keeping the accurate distance which allows the earth to be adequately warmed or chilled every day. Like Sun, the Moon also placed in distance with pinpoint accuracy with perfect size. Moon is the cause for ocean tides occurrence and their movements which do not permit them to stand still or spill over the mainlands. How can these things happen by chance? It is nothing but an undeniable proof that God exists.

Every single object that exists must trace back to its origin or start point i.e. before their existence. However, the trace of our universe leads only to nothing.  Obviously, the universe could not have just arrived from the void. This phenomenon is a clear proof that God exists.

The human brain stores and processes vast information. The brain also ensures that your breathing system, movements of your eyelids and all your body functions are functioning normally. The brain functions in a different manner and processes a vast amount of information in a split second and acts as a filter between important and unimportant data. The very intelligent act of brain to figure out the reasoning, discharging one’s feelings, planning, executing and imparting thoughts with other human beings is the motivation to stay focused and make living an eventful experience. It is fascinating to note that all cells in our body act like a computer.

Each cell has a clear direction to follow exactly like the way the computers are programmed. These directions help the body to act precisely the way the brain orders. There is no evidence whatsoever of biological or legitimate reasons to cause this action and this could have happened only by a skillful construction of cells with a clear purpose deliberately. Is it not the act of God?

A newborn baby tends to resemble either the father or mother or even grandparents. The child, while growing, even picks up the mannerisms of the parents. How does it happen? This is not in the DNA. How can we possibly discredit the reality of the existence of God while looking at the baby? It is an absolute miracle.

A miracle is a phenomenon which is a difficult-to-explain event. It is obvious that an inconceivable event is nothing but a miracle and certainly should be considered as an act of some outside force. Therefore, when a miracle is seen, the act of God is obviously evident in this occurrence. There are countless events of miracles occur in this world without any justifiable explanation and there are massive testimonies across the globe for these occurrences. This goes to prove that these are happenings that are impossible in the normal circumstances and therefore are the cause of the direct act of God. If miracles exist, so is God.

It is indeed a mystery that the Universe functions by pre-set rules i.e. laws of nature. The gravity, for instance, remains dependable. The speed of light is constant. The 24 hours rotating factor of the earth remains constant as well. None of these changes. How is it possible at all that these never change and the laws of nature continue to persist. Why is it so precise and orderly? Why is it so dependable? There does not appear to be any justifiable explanation to this. The Universe appears to be functioning according to meticulously drafted pre-set rules! How can this happen without the masterly intervention of God?

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Its big questions from the beginning, is God exist. I think if we follow some question, why here is the difference in Rich and poor. Why billions of people sleeping without food. We need lots of answer to this discussion. 


I strongly believe that there is some superpower which is responsible for the existence of this world. We connect with this superpower as god. There are many things which are beyond our control and this is a proof that there is someone who is controlling everything. Life and death are still a mystery.


I believe in god... There are evidences to prove the existence of god...


There are a lot of things that science cannot explain at present, but it doesn't mean that science will never be able to explain these things in a logical and scientific manner. In last 100 years, science has explained a lot of things which were unexplained before. Scientifically the existence of god cannot be proven or disproven, but all that are currently  outside our knowledge should not be labeled as Devine or God. We should rethink the importance our society gives to personal/individual god and its associated repurcursions. 


This article is brilliantly written !!

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