'Meeting Shiva' book by Tiziana Stupia- Book review

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'Meeting Shiva' book by Tiziana Stupia- Book review

Meeting Shiva is a biography of a spiritual journey of Tiziana, a single lady in her mid-thirties. Her journey across the Himalaya is coming to an end, but her thirst to find the soulmate is still on. Now she has already visited Pakistan, Nepal and most of India and she is at her last destination before leaving India.  Just when she was losing the hope of finding her man, she comes across Rudra, an Indian monk. She practiced Yoga with him and witnessed the aarti performed every morning and evening. She is immensely attracted towards Rudra but knowing the fact that he is a monk and cannot live the luxury of normal life, ignites a conflict in her mind. 

Surpassing all the conflicting  thoughts she decides to sail the romantic journey with Rudra. Though she had met and dated a few men in the past, the kind of connection she felt with Rudra was magical. The relationship she shared with Rudra had changed her as a person. She goes through a lot of emotional turmoil during her stay in the Ashram. She figures out surprising facts about Rudra, which were difficult for her to accept. She finds out that Rudra is an alcoholic. A monk being an alcoholic comes as a surprise and shock to her.  Eventually, she accepts Rudra with all his flaws and finds beauty in that. She imagined herself and the Rudra as Parvati and Shiva. She believed that her love for Rudra is as pure as Sati's love was for Shiva. 

Though she finds her soulmate, the difference in their journey of life forces Tiziana to get back to her native. She is unable to forget Rudra, She tries to be in touch with Rudra, but it gets tougher. She understands, in life, it is important to be thankful for the things that happened. She is very grateful to have met Rudra, her soulmate. It served the purpose of her romantic self. Her immense love for Rudra inspires her to write an entire book, no wonder they were a soulmate, and she finally met her Shiva.

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