Secret ingredients of happiness

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Secret ingredients of happiness

At the start of the work week, just when you need that kick of positivity in your life, an article like this pops up - aren’t you glad? We all want to be happy and mostly ALL the time.

What is happiness anyway? ‘Happiness’ can be a tricky word, hard to express and especially difficult to define singularly.

Happiness is a ‘state-of-mind’ feeling and varies from person to person. Some of the key ingredients (based on human psychology and research) are listed below:

Release painful emotions

Release all the pent up emotions and painful memories and free yourself from this burden. You will not allow yourself happiness and new things to enter your life if you don’t let your past go. Channel your inner voice to take the plunge and welcome a new life every day.

Peace of mind

We often get hijacked by our own mental prison or easily get stuck with a thought. The key is to slow down, pause and “be present”, not wander constantly between the past, present and future. Try to become fully immersed in the present moment, be mindful. Mindfulness activates areas of our brain associated with concentration and positive emotion. 

Nurture your relationships

The extremely key ingredient is the quality of human relationships. Love, family and friends do matter for a fulfilling life. Nurture that special relationship, it will transform your life. Prioritise the people in your inner circle and spend maximum time with them - you’ll come out happier.

Practice gratitude

Practice gratitude every day, every moment possible. The benefits are endless. People practice gratitude and reflect on life are happier, they have positive emotions and outlook towards life.

Health, exercise and nutrition

Don’t take your health for granted, investing in a healthier lifestyle will reap long-term benefits. Accept it or not, our sleeping and eating patterns dictate most of the things in our life. Good quality sleep of 7 - 8 hours are essential for a stable and happy living.

Light exercises and running are known to release the ‘happy chemical’ called as endorphins. A balanced fitness routine does the trick.

Certain foods tend to boost our ‘serotonin’ levels - a happy hormone that determines our emotions and moods. Some easily available serotonin boosting foods include eggs, cheese, pineapple, tomatoes, honey, spinach, yoghurt, seafood, dark chocolate, nuts and seeds.

Don’t let happiness be a destination

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Don’t let materialism or consumerism or destination addiction or milestones define happiness. Instead, make a list of your blessings, happy memories and watch the magic unfold.

Happiness is a choice, a state-of-mind that can be controlled and with practice, over time you can live a fulfilling life. Wherever your happiness resides, create your DIY path to joy and immerse yourself in it.

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