Do you think it is more important to make a lot of money or to enjoy your job?

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Do you think it is more important to make a lot of money or to enjoy your job?

There were two best friends- Alex and Sunny. They both had been close friends since the commencement of their college days and their friendship kept growing as the days passed by. After completing their graduations in Journalism, they are searching for jobs.

"I want a job that can fetch me a lot of money," said Alex.

"Dear friend, you might get a job that can fetch you plenty wealth and can buy luxuries for you, but still, you won't be content, and I bet you on that," said Sunny confidently. 

"We'll see. Money is happiness my friend. Where there is wealth, there is always content and delight surrounding it. What's the use of those jobs where we work like slaves and all we get in return of our labor is a little amount of money. I'm not comfortable with such kind of job," shouted Alex.

"Alex, let's meet after a year. Till one year, we both will not contact each other. After a year we'll see that who's content with the job and who's not," suggested Sunny.

Alex agreed to it. After a few days they both join their desirable companies. Alex gets huge salary every month and he extravagantly wastes his salaries over useless stuff and end of losing his job for his callous attitude and immaturity. On the other hand, Sunny joins a company that makes him proud of himself. He was dedicated towards his job and found content in it. His hard work and dedication offered him promotions year by year and finally made him the head editor of the company he had joined. 

After a year both the best friends meet and share their experiences. Alex feels ashamed of the statements he had once made. With guilt on his face, he said,"You were right my friend, wealth is not everything. I lost my job because I had the least interest in it."

Sunny hugs his friend and with a smile offers him to join the company where he works and he knew it very well that Alex will be glad to get the job that will fetch his only and only happiness and satisfaction. 

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