How do I convert to Buddhism from Christianity?

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How do I convert to Buddhism from Christianity?

   As a little background, I've been Christian since I was 12. Over the years though, I've been dropping in and out of my faith, having revivals that would end in lows, doubt, and loss of self esteem. This has been happening more and more often. I tried Catholic doctrines without converting (despite RCIA) to fix my problems, but it didn't help. I'm now 20, still not knowing where I stand.

  Over the past year, a few questions have been bugging me day in and out - if God existed in the beginning, then how was evil created? How did Lucifer fall and become "inherently evil"? If God created free will knowing that His creation would sin, wouldn't that be inadvertently creating sin, thus making Him imperfect?

    It may not seem relevant to my original question, but these things have made me lose faith in Christianity. Buddhism, in my opinion, is the next best thing for me. It fascinates me as a way of life. So what would go into becoming Buddhist? Is it a self proclamation or does someone have to "baptize" (so to speak) me into it?

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