Who Wrote the Bible?

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Who Wrote the Bible?

The Bible is one of the oldest and most revered scriptures in the world. It contains words on which the very foundation of the religion of Christianity exists. Though, it is very surprising to know that there is no authentic proof on who wrote the Bible. Shreds of evidence, on the contrary, suggest that no one person contributed to the writing of Bible but it was rather a work of a whole group of individuals.

Different authors contributed to the diverse collection that makes up the holy biblical writing. A total of 30 authors contributed to the Old Testament or Hebrew Scriptures and 10 in the New Testament.

Who Wrote The Catholic Bible

The holy bible is the work of 40 authors and the time period it spans over to, is somewhat close to 1,500 years. The writers were inspired by the Holy Spirit and the first person to write the scriptures was Moses. The other disciples of Jesus who wrote in the Bible were David, Daniel, Peter, Paul, Jonah, Isaiah, Solomon, and David.

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Authors Of The Bible

The Old Testament is the first writing that dates back to thousands of years. The first mortal to have written the first five books of Bible was also known as Torah. Though other people also played a vital role in compiling Torah, but Moses made sure the narratives, genealogies, and law codes were collected and narrated faithfully. The Jewish people refer to the Torah as the “five books of Moses “which explains how important a role Moses played in the compilation of the Biblical writings.

Similarly, David is regarded as the man who contributed majorly to the writing of the psalms despite the fact that others did contribute to it though. The wisdom literature in The Bible can be attributed to King Solomon who is David and Bathsheba’s son and the last king of the United Kingdom of Israel.

The First Testament also contains numerous oracles and these oracles were made by several prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, and others. These oracles were initially given out in person, shouted from street corners, spoken out to the people of Jerusalem and spoken out in the Royal courts of Israel and Judah. These writings were steadily collected and put together and handed over to the Jewish people who took them as divine scriptures.

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The New Testament

The New Testament contains all stories, teachings, and letters that were passed around in the first Christian Churches. It also includes Letters from apostles like Paul and Peter, which are supposed to be read out loud among the believers, the recipients who hear the message, memorize it and share it with other Christians. Luke who was a physician and a traveling companion to the Apostle Paul wrote Luke and Acts, a two-volume series on the life of Jesus. Mark’s gospel is the recorded memoirs of Peter written by John Mark. The gospel of John is an account of the life of Jesus penned by his close disciple.

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A Book Of God

The Bible cannot be categorized as just any book; it is after all the work of God and governs the course of action and way of life fit for a person. Through these ancient scriptures, God speaks to us revealing who he is and how he is at work.

What are your views on old scriptures? Comment on the box below to share your feedback and views on the Bible. 

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Yes, He Did

Yes, because:

Jesus Is GOD Himself

Coloss. 2:9  For in Him (Jesus) dwells all the fullness of The Godhead Bodily;

2 Tim. 3:16a  ALL Scripture is GOD-breathed

Hebr. 12:2a   looking to the Author

and perfecter of faith -- Jesus, 

Also through men, alive at different times

Many of whom did Not even know each other!

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