Explore 8 Expressions That Use P.S As Their Abbreviation

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Explore 8 Expressions That Use P.S As Their Abbreviation

P.S. is a popular abbreviation for the term post script. It is used at the end of a letter or any note to add valuable information that has been left out or to express an after-thought. 

A post script can be a word, a phrase or even multiple paragraphs. However, did you know that P.S. is an abbreviation for many other terms? 

To give you a glimpse of the multiple uses of P.S., here a few expressions that follow P.S as the abbreviation:

#1. Photoshop

A favorite photo editing software launched by Adobe, Photoshop is also commonly referred to as P.S.

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#2. Play Station

Sony has been using the abbreviation PS for its classic play stations. The series of these play station start with PS followed by the number.

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#3. Please Be Sure

What could be the shortest way to write ‘please be sure’? Well, it turns out P.S could be used to mean that expression. Quite surprising, isn't it?

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#4. Please Subscribe

Any call for subscription can falls under the abbreviation P.S. Thus if you want to ask the readers to subscribe, you could add PS in the end. It would do the needful.

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#5. Pico Seconds

Ever gave a thought about one trillionth of a second? Well, it is called a picosecond and P.S is used as an abbreviation to denote the same.

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#6. Pen Spinning

Interestingly, the pen spinning you mastered while sitting idle has a popular short-form called P.S. Most of you would not know this!

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#7. Public School

Have you ever noticed schools using the abbreviation P.S after their school's name? Ever wondered why they did so? Well, P.S stands for Public School. 

(Image Courtesy: Her Campus)

#8. Psalms

P.S. can also be dated back to religious texts. The third section of the Hebrew Bible, The book of Psalms is popularly referred to as P.S.

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If you know more about the abbreviation 'P.S', feel free to share with us. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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